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Hong Kong College Graduates interpretation: the war placards anti principal scourge who saved you the original title: Hong Kong students "against interpretation" make the graduation ceremony to help the headmaster asked: who in an affair of natural disasters? Figure: Hong Kong College President Chen Zhuoxi told students at the graduation ceremony of "insulting the National Anthem", feel sad and sad picture according to Hongkong media reports, the Hongkong college graduates a number of 26, while the graduation ceremony of the national anthem, even reverse interpretation signs trouble. President Chen Zhuoxi rebuked the president said, insulting the national anthem, the world’s only Chinese will send troops to war in the evacuation, the spot asked students if the war in an affair on the scourge, to whom you call?" Hong Kong Special Department of social work in the afternoon of 26 Ma’anshan campus held a graduation ceremony, some graduates take advantage when the national anthem is played against interpretation signs, even when they came to bow to a people’s Congress of the Hong Kong Special vice chairman Huang Youjia and a national Macao research deputy chairman of Hong Kong College vice chairman of the board of directors Liu Zhaojia shouted slogans against. According to the shooting of the students, Chen Zhuoxi, President of the Hong Kong University in his speech to blame the student’s move made him sad sad. He said that he grew up in the British colonial period, under imperialist oppression, "when to play, children will give the" ghost "bully, rises until my national anthem is played, my flag, get rid of days of humiliation." Chen Zhuoxi also pointed out that the world is only China risked his life to send planes and warships to the local war evacuation, Japan should use Chinese aircraft and warships. People in Hong Kong during the trip to the natural disasters also rely on China to save, he asked the students: when you raise the banner, to insult the national anthem! Do you think of these things? When you ask for help?" "Global Times" reporter in the online also see when students captured video, originally solemn graduation podium into trouble students show, when Hong Kong College Graduates of social work Wenluo Li et al in Taiwan under the banners, many students screaming booing. The parents mood is excited, shouting "to support the interpretation of law, out of Hong Kong alone dog!" Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: