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Pick up 5000 yuan wallet to the police uncle 9 years old baby cry to the owner – Sohu China Daily News (reporter Kang Fei) "finally handed the wallet to the owner." The morning of November 9th, the 9 year old Lei Zhihao in Weinan City Public Security Bureau Linwei branch Jiefang Road police station, will pick up the wallet to the owner Ms. Wang, shy smile. The school on the road to pick up a wallet owner for more than an hour cold day in November 8th 5 pm, Lei Zhihao after school as usual along Chaoyang Street to go home, to the door of Sun Bright Hotel on the eastern side of the Weinan City Power Supply Bureau family member courtyard, green found a wallet on the ground, there is a pile of cash and two bank cards and a card. Lei Zhihao waiting for more than an hour, did not wait for the owner. The morning of November 9th, with his grandfather to the Linwei Public Security Bureau of Jiefang Road police station, the police through the package card to contact the owner. Lei Zhihao’s grandfather said, the child every day at 4:30 in the afternoon after school, 5:10 will be able to go home. But the 8 day at 6:15 in the evening, Lei Zhihao father work in the family member courtyard door to see him, "asked to know the children after school has picked up the wallet, the owner at the roadside waiting for more than an hour. The baby he father and children waited ten minutes, did not wait until the owner came home." At that time, the temperature in Weinan was only 9 degrees C. After returning home, the child has been said to give the money to the police, because the evening homework more, did not go to the police station, early in the morning I took the children to the police station, the desire to complete the child." Lei Zhihao’s grandfather said they went to the police station more than 8, when the census room police have not yet work. Pick up the wallet to the police uncle was his desire to "when I picked up the wallet, very happy," said Lei Zhihao, as seen in the book, on TV before the other kids picked up the wallet to the police, he had a wish, "I wish I could pick up a wallet, and then handed over to the police." Did not expect this desire, in the afternoon of 8 really realized. "But I open my wallet, see the inside of a thick wad of money, be afraid, just want to get my wallet back to the owner." Lei Zhihao said, picked up the purse nobody around, he only stood waiting, hoping the owner to retrieve the wallet quickly. He also wanted to give it to the hotel’s security, "but if the security can not all the money to the owner is not good, the song will sing, picked up the wallet to the police uncle to." When the Chinese people’s Daily reporter asked Lei Zhihao, no one saw you pick up the wallet, see so much money, have you ever thought of taking home? Lei Zhihao immediately said: "I can’t take the money home, others make money is not easy, this is someone else’s money, it should be returned to others." "Baby than many adults do well" the owner moved straight away tears in November 9th at 10 o’clock in the morning, the owner Ms. Wang and friends came to the police station, Lei Zhihao saw Ms. Wang and friends said, "yesterday afternoon I saw you in the family member courtyard door." "Thank you so much, I was moved by the baby." Ms. Wang shook the hand of the thunder, as he wiped his tears. November 8th, Ms. Wang received the unit fee, the bank intends to deposit"相关的主题文章: