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Guizhou introduced the "poverty alleviation regulations" implemented since November 1st – Beijing, Beijing, September 30 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Zhang Wei) Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee 30 meeting examined and adopted the "Guizhou province poverty alleviation Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), these Regulations shall go into effect as of November 1, 2016. From 2011 to 2015, the poverty population in Guizhou fell from 11 million 490 thousand to 4 million 930 thousand people, the incidence of poverty fell from 33.4% to 14%, the per capita disposable income of farmers from $3843 (RMB, the same below) to $6964. Guizhou is in the Wumeng Mountain Wuling mountain Dianqiangui rocky desertification areas, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, is the core area of Chinese poverty alleviation, the province’s 88 counties, national poverty-stricken counties accounted for 50, is one of the most arduous task of poverty China provinces. Tight time, heavy task is the upper and lower levels of poverty alleviation work in Guizhou consensus. Fu Chuanyao, deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress with a day can not be delayed, one day can not be lazy to describe the work of poverty alleviation in Guizhou. For the rule of law to build a wide range of participation in the whole society, "the pattern of poverty alleviation," Guizhou province timely amendments to the "regulations". The total of eight chapters, through the general, poverty alleviation object and scope, the responsibility of the government and society to participate in poverty alleviation projects and funds management, protection and supervision, legal responsibility, and strive to conduct a comprehensive specification for poverty alleviation. Liu Yuankun, vice governor of Guizhou Province, said that Guizhou should grasp the spirit of the regulations, the responsibility of tackling poverty from the top and bottom, but also grasp the implementation of the regulations, according to the law to promote poverty alleviation strategy. "Regulations" explicitly pointed out that poverty refers to poverty alleviation as a top priority and the first project of people’s livelihood; the overall situation of economic and social development; construction of the government, society and market to promote synergy and special poverty reduction, poverty alleviation, poverty and other social sectors, various initiatives have multi force pattern for poverty alleviation machine combined; for national and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) support, mobilize and unite the whole society to participate in, through policy, capital, talent, technology and other resources to help the poor areas of the province, comprehensive and poverty and enhance the development ability, to achieve poverty alleviation activities. The "Regulations" to "poverty alleviation" legislative purpose, in order to get rid of poverty "government responsibility for the parties involved in the end longitudinal, transverse to the edge of the idea for the design of related systems, focusing on poverty, efforts to highlight the" national war, to help, comprehensive help poverty alleviation strategy deployment. Guizhou shengfupinban director Ye Tao said that the "Regulations" to further enhance the poverty alleviation work institutionalized and legalization level, the formulation and implementation of the regulations is required to build a moderately prosperous society, and to promote administration according to law, it is the hope of poor people. "Regulations" has a large range of poverty reduction targets, poverty alleviation and participation, accountability and other big six characteristics, the specification of the object of fine refinement, such as precision "six". "Regulations" also combined with the actual situation in Guizhou, legislation to guide rural tourism, mountain tourism poverty alleviation. "Regulations" in the accountability of "strict" can be described as unprecedented. "Regulations" specifically for violations of the relevant provisions of the act clearly相关的主题文章: