Hongkong airport passenger volume increased by 3.6% in October, the main reason for the increase in -工号9527为您服务�����

Hongkong Airport October passenger volume increased by 3.6% due to increased volume of freight outstanding – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" published reports, the Hongkong Airport Authority, the first 10 months of 2016 Hongkong airport passenger throughput of about 59 million passengers, aircraft amounted to 343 thousand and 300 vehicles, up 3.6% and 2% yoy respectively; freight the amount is increased by 1.9% to 3 million 700 thousand tonnes. October, Hong Kong International Airport cargo amounted to 420 thousand tonnes, an increase of 7.1%, mainly due to transit freight due to an increase of 13%, with exchanges in Europe and Southeast Asia’s major trade area in the most prominent. Hongkong local residents travel number in 10 recorded a 8% year-on-year increase, but the typhoon hit the airport operation in slightly affected, the overall passenger traffic and aircraft movements respectively decrease 0.9% to 5 million 700 thousand passengers, and 0.6% to 34 thousand and 600 sorties. Over the past 12 months, the airport received a total of 70 million 600 thousand passengers, up 4.2%; aircraft movements increased by 2.2% to 412 thousand and 700 vehicles; freight volume rose 1.3% to 4 million 400 thousand metric tons.相关的主题文章: