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Beijing today ushered in the peak of 20 on the night of pollutants of air quality will be better – Sohu news yesterday morning, law enforcement departments to stop the construction site, limited production enterprises, coal-fired boiler room to carry out inspection of law enforcement, the implementation of supervision measures to reduce pollution emissions. Yesterday morning, the city started the air heavy pollution orange warning, and the warning about 15 hours ahead of the release. Start warning brought about a reduction in emissions, air quality in the city yesterday to mild – moderate pollution levels. Therefore, whether it is from the sense of the concentration of pollutants, the pollution level yesterday does not seem to be so serious. However, today’s air quality will continue to decline, is expected to usher in the peak of this pollution at night. Doubts: why earlier warning issued in accordance with the air quality forecast, yesterday the city should be between moderate to severe pollution, but many people feel as if the air does not reach the level of severe pollution. From the municipal environmental monitoring center data is not difficult to see, Tongzhou, Yizhuang, during the day yesterday, Daxing area of air in the five level of severe pollution, in addition to most of the other regions in mild to moderate pollution between pollution. Why the level of air pollution and the city issued an early warning of heavy air pollution orange alert has a close relationship. November 16th at 9 am, the city issued an orange alert in advance of 15 hours, the official launch of the 17 zero. With these 15 hours ahead of time, the various departments and enterprises can have relatively sufficient time to proceed with emission reduction. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that since the start of the air orange signal warning of heavy pollution, the emergency measures for the implementation of the overall situation is good, the city and regional pollution emissions significantly decreased, the onset of pollution reduction measures, effect and superposition of pollution diffusion conditions turn favorable, yesterday morning, the concentration of PM2.5 decreased during the day the city’s air quality in mild to moderate pollution levels. Forecast: 20 environmental monitoring center monitoring data will be better show that last night, the city gradually into the low system zone, Southeast winds turn southwest, the decrease of wind speed, temperature and humidity rise, diffusion unfavorable conditions, is expected to reach five level of severe pollution levels. Today, the wind speed is small, the diffusion conditions are poor, air quality is expected to be five levels of severe pollution levels. Today night in the south by south direction under the action of regional pollution transport, the peak concentration of pollutants will reach the pollution process. Tomorrow afternoon, the city into the front of the high-pressure system, air quality will gradually improve. 20, the air quality will be better. Beijing morning news reporter Wu Tingting Department of environmental protection departments action: as of 15 pm yesterday, check the sewage units or the points 1178 times, found that the pollution problem of 20; in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei linkage, Tianjin city environmental protection law enforcement officers dispatched 2113 passengers, check the sewage units or the points 440 times, found that the pollution problem of 25; Hebei province. Environmental law enforcement officers 3405 passengers, check the sewage units or the points 568 times, found that the pollution problem 54. Check motor vehicle 44 thousand and 200 vehicles, 103 vehicles exceed the standard punishment; persuaded to return to other towns Beijing exceed the standard car 185; check the gas station 107, check field.相关的主题文章: