Peking Opera cat bright Beijing International Book Fair wonderful detonated the audience (video)-魔界骑士イングリッド

"Peking Opera" the cat on the Beijing International Book Fair wonderful opera blew cat _20 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch the "Peking Opera" cat Tencent entertainment news recently, the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair grand opening in Beijing in the new state, founded in 1986, Tibet will this year ushered in the 30 birthday. In 30 years, it has always adhere to the "the world outstanding book introduction China, let China books to the world" exhibition purposes. The bright sky, Beijing Cultural Development Co. Ltd. with the original IP "Peking Opera cat" to help out the scene, causing widespread concern. During the exhibition, "Peking Opera cat" creative team were invited to the scene, and in children’s media, books and Jingdong jointly organized the "Peking Opera" cat theme live in the exhibition site "Peking Opera cat" creative team, bringing a new chapter of the wonderful Trailer not only to the thousands of fans, but also for the cat "exhibitors audience in the amazing COSPLAY show, naughty hyperactivity of sugar, simple and honest, big wisdom green, high cold slow Wu Song again field strength ring powder. The scene not only various iron applauded, even parents accompanying their children to the show, is also "opera cat who have conquered, panic buying creative team book signings. It is reported that the "Peking Opera" the cat is from Beijing bright star team took 6 years to build the first Chinese, the traditional culture elements of Peking Opera and animation combined with domestic original animation IP, has won a number of awards at home and abroad. The play is at the core of the quintessence of opera, Kung Fu, calligraphy, painting and other kinds of China China elements and the spirit of traditional culture to transfer concept, in the blood in the story to the children with positive energy. Beautiful style, cute characters and full of positive energy story deeply attracted the audience, is a masterpiece of domestic original animation. Previously, "Peking Opera cat" the first quarter of the first chapter in Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan Xuandong Kaku children’s TV Golden Eagle and the video platform blockbuster launch, ratings bursting, half circle countless powder. In the first quarter of the second chapter will also be in the major TV stations in the near future, I believe that the "Peking Opera cat" will once again set off a boom in China’s original animation.相关的主题文章: