Guangxi issued a series of remediation city to see the sea into the performance assessment – Sohu ne-下北glory days

Guangxi posting a series of remediation "in the city to see the sea" into the performance evaluation of Sohu – news for Guangxi rainstorm caused Liuzhou City Road waterlogging. Data figure Beijing, Nanning in August 29, (Huang Lingyan) Beijing, 29 journalists from the Guangxi city region meeting press conference was informed that Guangxi recently introduced a series of documents, the elimination of city flood point rainfall, local consumption and other objectives and requirements, in order to solve the repeated "Sea city" waterlogging problem. Wu Weiquan, deputy director of the office of housing and urban construction in Guangxi on the day of the press conference, the Guangxi Municipal Working Conference was held on July – 29 – 26, which is the first time the city held a special meeting of the city. The meeting issued the two main documents related to the work of the city, that is, on the strengthening of urban planning and construction management work, and the implementation of the "beautiful Guangxi livable city" construction activities. Wu Weiquan introduction, these two documents are referred to strongly promote the sponge city pilot, put forward to combine the old urban shanty towns and reconstruction, renovation of the old district organic whole regional governance, with the collection and utilization of rainwater and solve city waterlogging, smelly water governance as a breakthrough, promote the overall regional governance. To solve the practical problems related to the livelihood of the city work, the total elimination of waterlogged points, built-up area of the city more than 20% of the area will reach 70% of the rainfall consumptive and use requirements. The capital, we should pay more attention to the sponge city construction funding, giving priority to sponge city construction projects in the city’s annual budget and construction plan, and incorporated into the local government procurement scope of sponge city construction projects discount loans and other support. On the implementation of the beautiful Guangxi livable city construction activities, the implementation of the Opinions also clear, livable city evaluation index system, the existing urban waterlogging point elimination rate of 100% can be obtained by the corresponding points. The evaluation work into the performance management and the performance of the party and government assessment category, once every two years. The rain in summer in the South Chinese abundant, waterlogging prone. In June this year, Guangxi, Liuzhou, Wuzhou and other places triggered by heavy rains due to stagnant water, a number of residential areas in the underground garage water, part of the bus line outage on the road to the market in. The formation of about 30 acres of waterlogging water Nanning to the construction of a subway station nearby, a lot of rainwater into the subway station. According to statistics, during the rescue, excluding a total of 16 thousand tons of subway tunnel water, equivalent to more than 50 times the length of the conventional pool water more than 6 times. According to reports, at present, one of the Guangxi capital of Nanning as the first batch of 16 national pilot city, has launched the South Lake, Shimen Forest Park sponge city reconstruction project, paying off. Nanning city from 2015 to 2017 during the construction of the sponge city demonstration area of 54.6 square kilometers, with a total investment of RMB 8 billion 771 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章: