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Hebei Shijiazhuang National Day atmosphere: the street Red Sea (map) – Beijing new network in Shijiazhuang in September 30th (Xiao Guangming Cui Tao Zhang Fan) near National Day, the windward side of the flag fluttering in the capital of Hebei province Shijiazhuang street. In recent years, every national day, raising the national flag, the national flag has become a beautiful landscape of Shijiazhuang, the city in its own way to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. Shijiazhuang is located in the southwest of Hebei Province, formerly known as Shimen. For the three campaign chairman Mao Zedong shocked the world in Shijiazhuang City Pingshan Xibaipo command, also known as the "cradle" of new China, Shijiazhuang is also a new Chinese as early as the liberation of a large city. Shijiazhuang streets full of flags. Zhang Fan photo red memories across a busy street, came to a some old residential area, a year in the building in Beijing, the reporter knocked on the 90 year old Xing Yan old house. During the war of resistance against Japan, Xing Yan worked underground in Shijiazhuang. During the war of liberation, the people’s liberation army conquered Shijiazhuang, he was one of the 30 wizards. After entering the city, he was arranged in the Shijiazhuang municipal government secretariat. In the old house, the first thing is hanging on the wall of the flag. This is the last year, some comrades sent this year, I have not brought the flag, ready to leave the grandson." Xing Yan said. Talking about his story with the national flag, Xing Yan old man into deep memories. September 1949, Shijiazhuang is the first national flag by the hand of Xing Yan’s birth. To celebrate the founding of new China, the establishment of the National Day celebrations in Shijiazhuang headquarters, Xing Yan became a member of the headquarters. At that time, Xing Yan received a significant task: 10 flags for the National Day celebration. "I didn’t see the flag at that time. I’m afraid I can’t do it well." Xing Yan said, holding the flag size and pattern on the day of Xing Yan came to Zhongshan Road Dahua garment making shop flag, this shop in Shijiazhuang after the liberation of municipal government made banners, often for the clothing shop owner, surnamed Wang, is a famous city of craft. Subsequently, he rushed to the store was the largest city of Shijiazhuang (the predecessor of Nanjingxinbai Square) to buy the flag making materials, the store was only 10 bungalows. The second day early in the morning, Xing Yan came to Dahua clothing store, retrieve the sample Master Wang do, sent to the headquarters of inspection is qualified. "At that time, after passing the test sample, I am very happy." Xing Yan said. Recalling the first National Day celebration in Shijiazhuang, Xing Yan began to get excited, his hands waving in the air, as if those lively scenes in yesterday. According to Xing Yan introduction, Shijiazhuang National Day celebration was held in October 2, 1949. In October 1st, the layout of the 18 broadcast loudspeakers, broadcast speech by President Mao Zedong in Tiananmen square. October 2nd, the city’s 60 thousand people participated in the National Day celebrations. "When people came from everywhere to, assembled into a square, waving homemade flags and shouting slogans, all night is bustling." Xing Yan said. Xing Yan said, to see the streets of Shijiazhuang flag fluttering in the wind,相关的主题文章: