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The DPP Hualian mayor election defeat against Cai Yingwen Qiu Yi and offering three – Beijing China Taiwan network August 28th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, Hualian mayor election ballot results came out, the Kuomintang candidate Wei Jiaxian at 5:10 in the evening of 27 self declared elected, with more than 17 thousand votes ahead of the competition, the Democratic Progressive Party candidate Zhang Meihui more than 13 thousand votes. In this regard, former KMT legislator Qiu Yi said, Hualian mayor election battle, Cai Yingwen can not be regarded as a key battle lost, finally defeat, it is the people of Taiwan to Cai Yingwen’s vote of confidence, "it seems in the formation of the pendulum effect". Qiu Yi said, from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party leader Hong Xiuzhu Cai Yingwen came to power, the KMT, the local election wins every time this time, even Cai Yingwen to the governor of Hualian mayor election, the KMT can all-powerful visible gains, the Cai Yingwen administration has been in place despite fermentation. "The opportunity to come, the Kuomintang can not grasp on the three key", Qiu Yi pointed out that one is no fighting, but is not a false unity in form, but the common idea against the DPP’s thoughts; the two is to improve the KMT’s cross-strait policy discussion, the cross-strait peace agreement is the right loading platform the third is started; not happen again like Lin Yi such as fraud, malpractice should be dug up Cai authorities, and put forward the economic plight of the Kuomintang to break through the current version. (Taiwan, China network Lu)相关的主题文章: