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The Spurs all harden has done everything, but the Rockets in today’s civil war in Dezhou sports Sohu – undercover again, the Rockets back home court battles the spurs. Before the game, the Spurs had home court in fall, lost to 99-101 rocket, and let the play point guard scored three double season for the first time harden. In that game, harden not only let Popovich and his sons to see his superb deep pengci skill, with a subtle ball through the defense, and become the first to get the Popovich era 15+ assists three double spurs opponent. Popovich has been a coach of love and hate, he may not want to experience a let harden 15+ assists and led the team to win their three pairs of things. Popovich will play the rest of the Danny – Green and Toni – Parke fielded a team consisting of starting backcourt. At the beginning of the game, the Spurs side of Leonard’s fiery state, he scored 10 points in a single game of 5 points, led the team to 26-22 lead rockets at 4 points. Then the Spurs and rockets are offensive, the Spurs side with more flowering, the score will be gradually opened; the Rockets here, trapped in Mills, Green harden and Leonard turns the defense, the hit rate has declined, but he is still on the offensive end to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Half of Harding Park, the Spurs lead to 49-40 rocket. In the second half, the Spurs still maintained a very high hit rate, starting five are output on the offensive end, as Ginobili has become Jones, he in the third quarter has hit two record three points, helping the team to keep about two figures difference. In the fourth quarter, the market situation in the rocket launch counterattack amidst the winds of change, harden the lead, gradually narrowing the score, even once hoped to see a reversal. But sophistication spurs can not allow the gutter capsize, they resisted the Rockets back at the last moment, the final 106-100 victory over the opponent, at last lost home court for the opponent. The Rockets lost is not unjust, their defense by the Spurs blossom more offensive to completely breakdown. The Spurs played 53.9% shooting game, 10 players have scored and scored in double figures 5, the highest score is only 20 points from Leonard, the typical style of the Spurs win. While the Rockets here, harden again played three pairs of performance, he was cast in the 7, free throw penalty of 9 in the middle of the game, scored a total of 25 points and 13 assists and 11 rebounds, but there are up to 7 turnovers in 11. Taking into account the harden face defense, he can play such a performance is not easy, but the team hit rate is too low, the Rockets finally comeback hopeless. Rocket starter Ryan Anderson made him feel cold, 13 for 1 in only 6 points and 8 rebounds, offensive slump he failed to make a contribution in the defensive end. When Anderson was present, his defensive weakness was completely exposed, he will face the Spurs inside the basket to make selective killing, and by good results. As the highest rate of recipients of James partner, Anderson who failed to play on the perimeter, the pressure suddenly let harden face at both ends in ascension. Many rockets fans this ridicule: harden tried,!相关的主题文章: