Ross Jackson ignored the sexual assault case because he was angered by Kobe.-jcuv是什么车

Ross Jackson ignored the sexual assault case because he was angered by Kobe Jackson because this matter was Kobe angered sina sports news Beijing time on September 15th, according to the "New York Daily News" reported recently, Phil – Jackson said, trading in the introduction of Derek – Ross before he is known in sexual assault scandal, but he has not done a comprehensive survey. Ross rapes coming in October 4th local time trial. Recently, according to one of the plaintiffs lawyer Blanton Anand said, less than a week before Ross into sexual assault scandal, Nicks and Ross did not in the full investigation of the case, from the introduction of his bull. Anand also suspected the bull off Ross, and the latter case of sexual assault. "My first reaction is that they (the bull) may at the time of the transaction to Nicks hide this thing (Ross sexual assault case, the upcoming hearing) and in no case fully expose it off Ross," said Anand, "but in my opinion, this is the Nicks to do some investigation." Anand said, so far, Nicks has not contacted him. But Nicks refused to comment, after President Nicks Jackson has admitted that trading in the introduction of Ross before he had "heard" Ross in sexual assault scandal. If the trial is scheduled to start, that means Ross will miss at least 2 preseason games and most of the training camp, which will affect his new club. In June this year after the introduction of Ross, Jackson admitted that he had never felt the need for Ross’s sexual assault case investigation, "we heard about it, but to say" survey "that is bragging." Anand said: "I think this answer back sarcastically (Nicks) on the breeze (and contact me). I think you ought to produce them under the public file, this is unfair, I think this says it all. A lot of facts have been revealed in Ross’s testimony. This has been verified the evidence submitted to them, for what happened in the end, they should have a very clear understanding." U.S. media also believes that the disregard for Ross Jackson scandal, and 13 years ago he treated Kobe Blaine characteristics of stark contrast to the attitude of tort. As the Lakers coach Phil Jackson wrote in his memoirs, "the Kobe incident has inspired me to hide my anger and make me feel bad about him." The master of Kobe’s "anger", may be his daughter Brook in Jackson suffer sexual assault lawsuit powerlessness. It is reported that Brook was a victim of sexual assault in the university. In the end, Brook to give up the prosecution, and Jackson has always thought he did not provide strong support for her daughter, and guilt remorse for this. He wrote in his autobiography: "although I think it’s my duty to help Kobe get through, I can’t hold back my anger at the thought of what happened to Brook." Ross rapes the plaintiff’s lawyer, is also well-known civil rights lawyer and sports agent of woking – Mccoy also believes: "(Ross) team failed to guide him right. He will always be相关的主题文章: