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Buffon Balotelli: nice for return of the prodigal son can save your occupation career for a summer Balotelli finally got home Buffon for Tencent sports news September 2nd return of the prodigal son in the summer transfer window at the end of the day, former Italy football prodigy Balotelli finally found his new home — the French giants nice, in this regard, he had the Italy team mate Buffon pointed out, hope can become a nice starting point bar of God to start with a clean slate. Balotelli young fame, debuted at Inter was amazing, then switch to Manchester (data) and played 3 seasons, 80 appearances and scored 30 goals, helping city to win the premier league. In 2012, the return of the United Kingdom of Milan to join Serie A, in 54 games scored 30 goals, and ultimately moved to buy him Rodgers Liverpool (data). However, the subsequent off lace scandal continue to accelerate the fall of the bar of God, in the Premier League season 16 games only scored last season, Balotelli was loaned out to Milan, in 23 games in all competitions only scored 3 goals, the final in the summer by Milan back to Enfield, and then give up and Liverpool Pu Clow surrender. In the summer, once out of the super team intends to introduce the bar of God’s message, but thanks to the nice move in time, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, it did not let the 26 year old Balotelli early fall. Buffon now wants to seize the opportunity to rebirth Balotelli: "this is one of his very humble choice, I do not respect not nice, it is a very good club, he now has a chance to correct his occupation career, he still has time, he has a lot of talent, he must show to us in the right when." The bar of God’s former Milan teammate, now plays Las Palmas Boateng also said: "he must make sacrifices, and put their heart on the road again to football. I’m a friend of mine, but I’m sure that if Mario only thinks about football, few people will be better than him, that’s up to him." Kniss, a manager of the French "equipe" said: "we know that we are in the adventure, we accept this, but to bring Balotelli Kniss, we are very happy." Balotelli’s debut in the training class, allegedly attracted a large number of fans cheering and nice. However, not all people are optimistic about the bar of God, had 0 distance contact the Italy striker of Liverpool legend Carragher remind nice, they give God 3 million 800 thousand pounds salary payment is too expensive: "Balotelli is 0 worth joining, but still nice to buy expensive." "Mirror" also pointed out that after the bad boy Ben Alpha also had to accept the "nice temper". (Romario)相关的主题文章: