Permanent sub chess debut Jiesheng Ke Guo Wenchao Yunnan will win the SUPOR-爱多vcd

Permanent sub chess debut Jiesheng Ke Guo Wenchao Yunnan will win SUPOR Yunnan will win SUPOR sina sports news on October 28th, the sixteenth round of the Yunnan Baoshan Weijia permanent sub home court game in Yunnan against SUPOR Hangzhou Baoshan Yong ki sub finishes. The war lord kija defeated Guo Wenchao to help home court operations in Yunnan, Baoshan Yong 2 2 wins the defending champion Hangzhou SUPOR owners. Autumn in Yunnan is always so poetic, beautiful scenery and continuous drizzle makes people feel very comfortable. Today, Baoshan has just completed permanent sub chess ushered in the Yunnan Baoshan permanent sub Hangzhou Weijia home court battle against SUPOR, at the same time, also completed its first gorgeous debut. Yong ki sub main building for Yongchang pavilion. Yongchang Pavilion adjacent to Tsing Hua lake, building guxianggu color, a layer of leisure chess hall, the two layer is the permanent sub Museum, the three layer is the permanent exhibition hall, four sub layer is about chess hall, five layer six layer for the game hall, library, chess room, the seven layer is the eight layer of the news media for high-end office showdown. Go game Yu Yongchang Ge layer 6, the use of competition for permanent sub pieces. About 9:30 in the morning, announced by the grandmaster Nie Weiping nine season. According to the arrangement of kija will go against, against Guo Wenchao, Shen Zhenxu Kuaiqi against Li Qincheng, the other two disc for Fan Yin against Wu Guangya, Niu Yutian against even the smile. Kija and Guo Wenchao will focus on the battle chess eyes. Li Qincheng and Shen Zhenxu 1 months ago in Japan’s Asian TV cup Kuaiqi had a contest, Li Qincheng beat Shen Zhenxu won the championship promotion occupation nine. This war of revenge also makes us look forward to. Permanent sub board game to tap everything in good order and well arranged. Keep the global advantage kija set victory over Guo Wenchao, the first end of the game, he gained valuable wins for the Yunnan Baoshan Yong zi. Soon, on Kuaiqi ended, Shen Zhenxu middle negative Li Qincheng, failed to achieve revenge. At the same time the score became 1:1 flat. The other two chess results for Niu Yutian negative even laugh, Yinsheng fan Wu guangya. The final score was 2 to 2, but Yunnan Baoshan won his battle, will achieve victory. The game at the same time, the 4 layer about chess grandmaster Nie Weiping and hall All seats are occupied., beautiful player Li Ying is here to explain his battle with Guo Wenchao’s Jiejiu section five section of the game. Nie Lao Li Ying humorous, generous and elegant, attracted the chess fans sometimes laugh, sometimes thunderous applause. Yunnan Baoshan permanent 2-2 (Baoshan SUPOR Hangzhou will win the first permanent sub chess): six Zhenxu Shen Li Qincheng nine (fast) negative second: Ke Jiejiu section – five section third (general) Guo Wenchao: Fan Yin six wins six section fourth: Wu Guangya Niu Yutian seven negative even laugh the seven section (Dai Yiming)相关的主题文章: