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Figure | Oklahoma City solitary loyalty! Westbrook 28 Happy birthday _NBA_ sina sports _ 28 Happy birthday! Sina sports Ke as dry as a stone, we have heart strong resistance; who befriend? Russell Westbrook: lone tears, 28 fast! "That’s what I was 30 years ago. He wanted to prove his attitude and the passion he showed in the basketball game, you can see it in his game. You can say that he is so fond of the game that he has always been full of energy and talent." This is less than 05 in 2016, when Michael entered the hall of fame in Oklahoma, the great basketball God – Jordan – Wei Wei of the less critical evaluation, but also to the expectations of the child of the. Kobe is a basketball gods in Westbrook who see their shadows, and can achieve the two hall of Fame star high praise, Westbrook after nine years by all the fans and experts Xijinqianhua, the criticism and blame the party so far. First came into the league, Westbrook talent stunning the league, experts and fans are amazing. He might be Derek after the speed and flexibility in the best players can experience two seasons later and added a note in handling the ball, he may be the worst in the League starting point guard, no one. Suddenly blind fensaichang notes; choose a strong problem solving; the ball team not exclusive series, especially around Durant and the League scoring machine for decades so rare, anecdotal criticism from day to night flying, "he is the only person to prevent death of Durant alliance!" But in fact, he is just as Jordan said, want to win the game, want to do everything for the team. The legend of the 51 legendary three double night, with Wei less, you want to win the game won’t look tired thing, that is the spirit for me, you must do everything. Best of all, it is easy to say, it is one minute on the stage takes ten years thing. The rookie season of his hit rate of less than 40%, the second grade is slightly better, but also 41.8%, then the third grade, his hit rate suddenly soared to 44.2%. Well, that season offseason, when most of the players in the seaside resort, Westbrook pull to a friend Derek, two brothers in the gym at the waist fat perspiration comes down like raindrops and the new season training CIC, presented to the fans, at the free throw line area Westbrook resorted to terrorist type dry Stubbs, the projectile velocity, height and velocity attributes and other elements, this stunt is almost no solution. When the authority to further improve their own time, critical experts once again raised doubts about his passing, leading the team to win the way, compared to the traditional control point of departure from the Wei Wei how to fight back? 2014-15 season, yibaka injury, Durant season, Oklahoma, the only power source only Westbrook, he used his occupation career high scoring, rebounds, assists and steals the thunder split up Jin Zhanji, until narrowly down in the regular season the three eyebrows brother lore of the destiny of the two dust arrows (the two teams decided advantage). In the face of the playoffs and the outcome of the scoring champion相关的主题文章: