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6 kinds of milk such as poison milk although nutrition, but pay attention to pick up, for example, you must first learn to distinguish the quality of pollution-free milk drink, secondly, it is also a very important, to drink, can prolong life and physical health, drinking is wrong, it is very likely to increase the pain to the body, we took six as poison milk life in common way, there is no control about yourself or others. If so, please remind them not to leave all your questions to your doctor…… 1, the more concentrated the better the milk, some people think that the more milk, the more nutrients the body gets, it is unscientific. The so-called too thick milk, refers to the milk with milk powder less water, so that the concentration of milk beyond the normal proportion of standards. There are people afraid of fresh milk too light, in which added milk. If infants are often eaten concentrated milk, can cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, or even refuse to eat, can also cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis. This is because the infant organs delicate, can not afford the burden and pressure. 2, some people think that milk chocolate, milk is a high protein food, chocolate and energy of food, two of them eat good. This is not the case. Liquid milk with chocolate will make the calcium in milk and chocolate oxalic acid chemical reaction, the formation of calcium oxalate". So, have nutrition value of calcium, become harmful substances, resulting in calcium deficiency, diarrhea, children’s developmental delays, hair dry, easy to fracture and increase the incidence of urinary tract stones. 3, egg experts pointed out that milk, eggs and breakfast is not scientific, protein is difficult to provide energy. Now there are more than 9% of the children in the morning only to eat milk and eggs, food for a long time in the absence of breakfast. The majority of parents believe that such a breakfast is in line with international standards, but I do not know this is a very wrong idea. Milk and eggs are good things, but with the wrong place. After a night of more than and 10 hours of energy consumption, the morning of the human body needs to rely on a rich carbohydrate breakfast to add energy, and milk and eggs can not provide enough energy. 4 milk, rice soup, Rice porridge some people think that doing so can make complementary nutrition. In fact, this practice is not scientific. Milk contains vitamin A, and rice and Rice porridge mainly based on starch, they contain fatty oxidase, will destroy vitamin A. Children especially infants, if insufficient intake of vitamin A, will make the infant growth retardation, infirm. So, even in order to supplement nutrition, but also to separate the two edible. 5 milk, orange juice or lemon juice and some suggested milk with orange juice or lemon juice, it seems to be a good idea, but in fact, the orange juice and lemon belong to high acidity fruit acid and met milk protein, can make the protein denaturation, thereby reducing the nutritional value of protein. 6, some people also believe that the milk, with nutritious things to send drugs must be good, in fact, this is extremely wrong. Milk can significantly affect the body’s absorption of drugs, so that the concentration of drugs in the blood is the same.相关的主题文章: