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6 years ago the police to help war veterans 88 years over 6 years of pro – send a banner to Beijing, the morning of September 8th, the 88 year old war veteran Fu Jindong with just made a banner, to Wuhou District Accreditation Center thanks to 6 years ago to help him solve the problem of the police do not know. 6 years ago, the old man to lose the identity of Fu Jindong issued the elderly account migration certificate to re submit ID card, because of age, identity information is not perfect, he did not have much hope. It is a well intentioned police to take the initiative to ask, and soon help the elderly to solve the problem. 6 years old, Fu Jindong has been talking about going to thank. The day before, the old man finally personally sent a banner. He said, I am 88 years old, do not do this, I will be guilty in my life." 6 years ago: the good police to help solve problems of eight year old uncle lived in Chengdu 6 years ago, Fu Jindong in her company, went to Wuhou District Accreditation Center "luck". Because of the lack of identity and other information, Fu Jin life is inconvenient, hope that through the Accreditation Center issued the elderly account migration to Xinjiang that Yili submit identity information in the domicile. Was holding a try mentality, my father’s work units and household registration in Yili, including a lot of information, including identity cards, including theft, only some old photos and basic information." Small son Fu Weihua recalled, when they want to go to the processing center to try, "not by my sister of the father sent back to Yili to go through." Fu Jindong was born in Shandong war veterans, joined the eight army group nine 15, last year also received a "China people’s Anti Japanese War victory 70 anniversary commemorative. "Father an injury, especially a gunshot wound in the heart, every season is uncomfortable. No identity can not fly back to Xinjiang, go through the documents need to travel long distances, very difficult." "At that time, the processing center manager said material is missing, need to return to Xinjiang to re submit it itself is not difficult for us." Fu Weihua said, there was just a police saw his father brought the "Revolutionary Military disability card", he said, "I was demobilized, I can help you to coordinate." Later, after more than 1 hours, in the proof of the smooth issuance of police effort, "the proof of identity cards are sent back to Xinjiang, go through smoothly, for my dad to avoid long suffering." 6: the old man repeatedly asked whether thank the good people a word for "thank you", Fu Jindong has become the pet phrase in 6 years. "My father has been missing for 6 years." Fu Weihua has been unable to remember, 6 years, the father asked how many times, a meeting to mention, for fear that you forget. Every time you ask me ‘are you going to thank someone else’." In fact, at that time in the processing center, only the elderly granddaughter left the alarm, the police do not know the good What’s the name?. "Every time he asked, I later asked the tired of lying, he said to have found the police thanks, also wrote a letter of thanks. But he should think it is not enough, thank you. Later, he felt no verbal appreciation form, must send a banner." Fu Weihua said. Really stubborn father, on Thursday, Fu Weihua)相关的主题文章: