60 health knowledge that only doctors know, everyone should take a look!


weight loss is only one way .


is to consume the energy intake below, is a brief summary of taking the legs, hold the mouth.


girls don’t lose weight.

normal metabolism of women is a certain amount of fat, when the body fat rate of less than 20% of the time, there may be irregular menstruation, and then may affect the low fertility.


juice is better than playing vegetable juice.

2 is a drink cup down 4-6 fruit sugar, not put a lot of vegetables and a little fruit pieces, even the dregs together to drink, although the loss of vitamin C, but no salt is good.


healthy snacks basically three kinds:

fruit, nuts and yogurt.


yogurt to drink 1~2 hours after meals.

a lot of people think that yogurt to help digestion, so immediately after dinner drink, but if a meal to eat very full, immediately after dinner to drink a cup of yogurt can only increase the burden on the intestine.


potato is not a dish.

if the rice with potatoes eat wrong, remember, potatoes are staple food.


is the lotus root tuber.

whether from the appearance or taste of purple sweet potato, sweet potato and potato is a lot of difference of lotus root, rhizome is aquatic foods, also known as the staple food, carbohydrate content is even higher than that of yam.


as long as no longer high temperature heating, remaining oil can be used.

such as fried eggplant can finish fried pepper, pepper sauce do; make cakes, oil can be left filtered; can also be used to do dishes or boiled soup, boiled when put a spoonful of oil in the boiling water, it leaves bright colors, tastes are not seya.


make up the body of the soup only useless.

even if the stew for a long time, the soup is only very thin fat and water-soluble amino acid solution, the main nutrients or stay in the meat.