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Ping Chao Beijing Lectra Wuhan teammates Ding Ning: good I can’t shame – Sohu (Sohu sports sports Guo Jian November 13th from Beijing) dozens of Liu Shiwen fans — let influx of Shougang Coliseum is located in the capital in the western suburbs of the "jingle" (Ding Ning fans nickname) the headquarters of a noisy moment. In the afternoon the pingpong ultra league tournament ninth round match against Wuhan at the Beijing Shougang 100 games, divided fans sitting at two stands opposite, hard to cheer for their support of the players and the team, for the somewhat cold winter haze because table tennis has some warmth. The first game by the Beijing Shougang player Sheng Dandan against Olympic champion Liu Shiwen. In the lead twice twice opponents equalized after Sheng Dandan in the fifth key board not guilty be final 8-6 Rick Liu Shiwen, "today I give my performance hit 110 points," after the little girl said happily. Sheng Dandan scored a crucial first point for the home team, but also inspired after the play of the Ding Ning. "Today the first ball Daniel to the team made a good start, she was fighting spirit and infected me, I want to show a good side to play," Ding Ning told reporters after the game. The second game against Liu Gaoyang by Ding Ning, the same encounter with Liu Shiwen, in front of his opponent reputation is far better than the Grand Slam winner twice behind twice to tie the score. But unlike a game, Ding Ning to seize the opportunity in the final game, 7-4 opponents, help Beijing Shougang disc 2-0 preemption. "Before his performance is not very good, motivation and enthusiasm on the pitch to be worse," in the face of the reporter Ding Ning did not conceal its own problems, "the performance of the team is so good, I’m not too shameful." Although the next doubles match Beijing Shougang Sheng Dandan Li Jiayuan 1-2 (13-11, 9-11 and 3-7) against at 100% Feng Yalan Liu Gaoyang, but in the fourth general duel, Ding Ning withstood the pressure 3-2 (11-8, 20-18, 8-11, 4-11 and 7-2) to win the Liu Shiwen. "These two balls are against both sides is the first Liu Gaoyang holding well-matched in strength, to fight the mentality of fight fiercely, and I put up is not very fast, but behind to bite opponents," Ding Ning said fourth set battle with Liu Shiwen two people played a very high level, especially the second game, "we had a way to fight 18, feeling also played their own level." On behalf of the peace of mind to play 100 percent, said Liu Shiwen today even lost two main problem is still on the list of their own, she is expected to be able to adjust the state as soon as possible through the next batch of small intervals. When asked about today came to the scene for their cheering fans, Liu Shiwen is also looking forward to the next table tennis super competition to be able to get more people’s attention in said at the same time. (Sohu sports Guo Jianwen) (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章: