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On the first day of the asian tournament Eurasian 4-1 win Fan Zhendong 3-0 win over Portugal will Sohu sports Beijing time on September 10th, the 2016 table tennis tournament in Guangdong against the Eurasian war in Dongguan. In the first day of the five singles match, the Asian team to get the lead 4-1. Only a China team player Fan Zhendong, three straight games in the third game, 3-0 victory over Portugal apollonia. Sheba Jef (Russian) 3-1 Huang Zhenting (Hongkong Chinese) the first game Sheba Jef won 11-9, then straight Asian player Huang Zhenting 11-8 Bureau divided up into 1-1. The third Shenbayefu 14-12 win, when Asian coach Xiao Zhan seriously for the guidance of Huang Zhenting a few words. The climax of this disc staged in the fourth inning, Huang Zhenting first mimihuhu consecutive drop points, Shenbayefu 10-4 inventory. But then something magical happened, Huang Zhenting actually even chase 6 points, the score will be chased into 10-10. Later Shenbayefu and continuous access to inventory, Huang Zhenting always bite the score to 19, finally Bayefucailiande 2 points to win 21-19. CCTV commentator Yang Ying quipped: "the 11 point game, a 21 point game." And the announcer on the spot in Dongguan also said: "table tennis match, play badminton score." Zhu Shihe (South Korea) 3-0 Jiaxina (Croatia) although Zhu Shihe is 36 years old, he can easily beat his opponent 3-0 A good sword remains always sharp. Yang Ying said: "the man to chop more difficult, because the men’s strength and speed are much better than women players, unless there is a very high talent, a man cut difficult to hit the world class level. My impression is currently active in the line of men’s chopper, no more than 5 people." 11-4, 11-9, 11-4, Zhu Shihe three straight for the Asian team in the score 1-1. Fan Zhendong (China) 3-0 Apollonia (Portugal) is a Portuguese Apollonia guy, he just got married in Germany to play before the Chinese player Sun Zhenqi as his wife. Yang Ying said: "Fan Zhendong is a player in Asia, more European style type, which is exactly the kind of European players in Apollonia pitches more delicate Asian style." Of course, two people on the strength of the gap is quite obvious, in the face of Portugal’s two men’s singles, Fan Zhendong 11-7, 11-4, 11-6 win easily. Zhuang Zhiyuan (Chinese Taipei) 3-2 Samsonov (Belarus) Zhuang Zhiyuan had a depressed the Rio Olympic Games, he in his first singles match on the accident lost to Nigeria state horse. Zhuang Zhiyuan is the 2012 London Olympic Games men’s singles fourth, 40 year old Hussein is the Rio Olympics of fourth, two people from the strength of that little difference. The first game Samsonov won 11-7, then Zhuang Zhiyuan 11-5 pulled one back immediately. The next 11-7 Hussein lead again, but Zhuang Zhiyuan 11-8 and 11-5 3-2 to achieve reversal, beat Hussein will expand the total score of 3-1. Gao Ning (Singapore) 3-2 Chen Weixing ()相关的主题文章: