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Chinese Garden Museum opening run 3 anniversary of more than 500 sets of donated collections first appeared – Beijing Beijing in November 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) 18 days is China Garden Museum independent and open the 3 anniversary of the operation. In order to fully demonstrate the development process of the museum, the China Garden Museum series of donated goods exhibition today kicked off, more than 500 pieces of donated collections and information debut. China Garden Museum is the first to Chinese garden as the theme of the National Museum, located in Beijing City, Fengtai District Yingshan feet, Yongding River, covers an area of 65 thousand square meters, construction area of 49950 square meters, is composed of the main building, indoor and outdoor exhibition exhibition in three parts. China Garden Museum started since 2010, opened in November 18, 2013 independent operation. As a public welfare permanent cultural institutions of the Park Bo Museum, is a collection of historical relics of the garden, to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, showing the charm of garden art, the study of the value of the International Garden Garden Cultural center. The day of the opening of the theme of the exhibition is the heart of the Chinese dream with the garden of love, a total of the museum, individual donations, units donated three chapters. A Park Bo museum design drawings, a record of the preparation of the course of the photo, each donation of material and information, have witnessed the construction of the Garden Museum, running 6 years. During the exhibition, the audience can not only enjoy the garden expert Wang Juyuan published in 1990 "China ancient garden history", the late garden expert Chen Junyu donated Autographed letters, and Meng Zhaozhen is famous Landscape Garden Museum opened the three anniversary of Hangzhou flower nursery handwritten inscription and manuscript, see Cheng Xuke, Sun Xiaoxiang, Yu Shuxun and other 37 garden experts the donated rare books, manuscripts, inscriptions and nearly 50 sets. The concern is that his son Li Geng the creation of the "ancient garden map", Ouyang Zhongshi book "China Garden Museum", donated by Zhao Lifan, Sun Peijie and other cultural sources of painting and calligraphy, inscriptions and other 17 sets are in the exhibition debut. The exhibition also specially selected different types of Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei, on Shandong, Guangxi, Hebei, Anhui, Hubei, Xining, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and other parts of the country and management departments, units and institutions of social groups to the landscape garden Museum donated, including books, documents, photographs, notes and rubbings more than 200 sets. Huang Yigong, deputy director of Chinese garden museum said, hope special day running for three years in the open, through the exhibition, thank the community’s support and help, in such a form, display the precious cultural relics donated, so that more viewers to understand the garden museum. Huang Yigong said that the park will also be accepted by the community to accept donations from units and individuals, and these gifts as a permanent collection of the proper custody of the regular display in different forms. Open to celebrate the 3 anniversary of the Garden Expo, held "harmonious beauty" — South Korea international art exchange exhibition is the museum exhibition of more than 30 groups of Korea flower works. Among them, South Korea by the creation of large floral floral art master works of "development" on the origin of Korean flower art and China flower art)相关的主题文章: