5 tips to make you fall in love with a correct method of running don’t go to extremes-小坂めぐる

5 tips to make you fall in love with a correct method of running don’t go to extremes with the correct method of running running, although simple, but is not suitable for everyone. Like some people enjoy meditation, some people think it is a waste of time in a daze. But if you like sports, just haven’t found the fun of running, so let’s take a look at our experience. 1 don’t go to extremes: you may be ready to conquer the runway, but wait a minute, if your passion and skill mismatches could easily lead to frustration and hurt — which leads you to refuse this sport. Do not force yourself to run too fast at the beginning, and focus on the frequency of breathing when running more important than speed. When you are familiar with the feeling of running, you can try to customize the new running plan. 2 choose the right time to run: when you choose to have enough physical strength to run, it is easier to fall in love with the sport. Try running at different times to find the best time for you. For example, you might find it easier to run three kilometers in the morning than on the treadmill after work. 3 Energy: running of course need enough energy, but immediately go running is definitely not what good idea in a meal. In order to avoid a run time according to planning meals. Eat at least two to three hours between meals and running. If the interval is too long, you can add some easy to digest snacks 30 minutes before running. 4 warm up: every runner has ever felt like a lead in his leg, and there are many reasons for this problem. One of them is not fully warmed up. Before the formal take steps, first by jogging to warm up. 5 enjoy running: running itself is to promote the secretion of endorphins in the brain, slow down the movement of stress. If you’re feeling a bit tired, try changing the route, finding a path of ups and downs, and making sure that there is a music that will stimulate your adrenaline. (VOGUE fashion network)相关的主题文章: