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Appliance manufacturing costs rising price pressure conduction downstream of the Securities Times reporter Li Xiaoping Zhao Liyun "as the raw materials of steel, glass prices continued to rise, resulting in costs continue to increase, the company each product price increase 20 yuan, up from November 1, 2016 execution time." "Because of the recent rise in the price of raw materials (especially steel and foam rose more than 40%), and there is a further upward trend. From October 1, 2016 onwards, all orders increased 15 yuan per unit." The day before, some small household electrical appliance enterprises in Foshan, Zhongshan and other places to start a price adjustment notice of channel distributors, many domestic appliance manufacturers are also reflected in the surge in the cost problem. In the context of domestic consumption continues to slump, some household electrical appliance enterprises are difficult to load cost pressures, began to downstream conduction. This year, including iron and steel, glass, plastic and other raw materials prices have increased significantly, the production cost of enterprises to achieve 5%." Henan Frestech Electric Group Co. Ltd. sales director Liu Jun, this round of price hikes due to involving multiple commodities, household appliances, household appliances, black white appliances influence. "Small appliances in the electric kettle as an example, since the beginning of October, the main production of 304 stainless steel with the rise of up to 2000 yuan per ton. At present, 304 cold rolling steel price of about 15 thousand yuan of food grade 1 tons, more expensive, the price should be higher than 500 yuan per ton." Zhuochuang appliance industry analyst Liu Jing said that the current round of stainless steel prices up mainly due to rising prices caused by iron and nickel. This year the cost increase of 33% compared with the beginning of nickel, high carbon ferrochrome only in October rose about 1800 yuan per ton, rose up to 25.69%, in addition, coal prices for some blast furnace steel-making enterprises increased by about 10% of the cost. On the supply side reform continued to force the moment, the coal industry capacity to effect, expand the market demand gap, coking coal for the production of raw materials to the entire steel industry prices are rising in the cost push. Coal and steel at the same time to capacity, but the iron and steel production capacity is not enough, the formation of upstream and downstream demand mismatches, demand. White appliance production mainly involves coating, cold-rolled, galvanized products, prices rose sharply this year." Treasure Island, iron and steel industry analyst Zhang Ying Ying said that the current inventory of coking coal coke domestic large-scale iron and steel enterprises in about 15 days or so, in this year, coking coal, coke prices have risen nearly two times the background, the production cost of the enterprise is still facing increasing. Cold rolled and coated at the beginning of the year the price of 2500 yuan tons, now has rocketed to 4000 yuan per ton. In December, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel price forecasts recently released show, going up again 100 yuan per ton to 200 yuan price, household appliance manufacturing enterprises cost pressures or will continue. In addition to steel, the production of household electrical appliances indispensable glass, plastic prices, the recent rise in varying degrees. "Glass has now risen to its highest level since 2011. Ultra thin flat glass prices higher." Zhuo glass analyst Cui Yuping introduced at the beginning of July 2016, the average price of 123 domestic glass.相关的主题文章: