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100, high-profile recruit engineers, because content platform to one? Sohu technology I said in many articles, "content" is the focus of the mobile Internet since 2015, a short video, broadcast and cultural entertainment industry, quiz, personalized information platform, the industry has been lit is not belonging to the content industry. This industry was born a little technology, reflecting the customer, know almost, today’s headlines many (prospective) Unicorn companies and even phenomenal companies. Among them, the most intense personalized content platform competition, players include BAT, today’s headlines, a little information, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and Phoenix and micro-blog ten major players. These platforms are like drops fast taxi drivers who compete for as for content providers, content of entrepreneurs, I called the "pen", the most typical approach is to give entrepreneurs a high proportion of the content of advertising into, even like a little information and the penguin media platforms that directly to the original. Subsidies. In addition to traffic, investment in many areas of support. As a new platform for the content of entrepreneurship, a subsidiary of Baidu hundred, backed by the Baidu this meteor tree, menacing. September 28th opening up to more than 1 months, the number of registered accounts has exceeded 170 thousand, the number of accounts audited by up to now – more than a hundred complaints about the current audit is too slow, or too strict 37 thousand. In terms of revenue, the number of hundred based on Baidu’s content distribution advantages and flow realizable system, the same strong performance, just 10 days after the official launch of the line, there are more than 10 thousand yuan of income of the author. Baidu content ecology means that Baidu is from the traditional WEB traffic system, upgrade to the WEB site and the content of the ecological parallel flow system. The maximum flow entrance Baidu’s position, is good news for the industry: "production platform + content distribution" model, "replaced the traditional content system website + active access", severity of this shift, no less than the original PC to mobile transformation. Baidu annually to third party websites into the amount of up to 10 billion yuan, the content of entrepreneurs now into the amount in which a drop in the bucket, if can be accounted for even 10% of the proportion of commercial prospects are very impressive, limitless, perhaps is the fundamental reason, attract hundreds of entrepreneurs content. Hundreds of people in the content to attract entrepreneurs at the same time, there is a new action: to extend the olive branch. This weekend, a number of special recruitment will be held, the main target is the technical engineer. In the content industry, to the creators billion subsidy such news is not uncommon, however, a content platform, such high-profile recruit technical Montana, does not see more. Why a number to give technical Montana olive branch? One of the key reasons is that the number of hundred want to strengthen their technical advantages. Xu Jiye, who is responsible for the content of the ecology of Baidu has publicly said that one hundred are best at technology, the number one is to do technical work. Emphasize the content platform technology, not only a hundred. Today’s headlines and a little bit of information is also very emphasis on technology. Zhang Yiming is a technical background or search service, has been involved in creating a train ticket before the search for "cruel dispatch" and real estate search "room 99", this super相关的主题文章: