Microsoft’s official website and the store to buy NOKIA lumia mobile phone in exchange for a tragedy-jcuv是什么车

Microsoft’s official website and store sale of Lumia mobile phone to buy NOKIA in exchange for a tragedy as everyone knows is Francisco Tencent Microsoft’s Windows operating system, mobile phone and Lumia mobile phone hardware business, both suffered setbacks, the two products in the global market share, have negligible. Many foreign media have been determined before the Lumia phone has basically died. According to a number of foreign media news, Microsoft has been in many countries (including the United States) of the store, and even some real retail stores (such as Boston Microsoft retail stores), removed its Lumia mobile phone or other mobile phone manufacturers outside Windows. If consumers want to buy a Lumia phone through Microsoft channels, will be a huge challenge. Currently, Microsoft official store or retail store has not announced any official news of the sale of Lumia mobile phone. According to the news confirmed by Microsoft, said in December this year, Microsoft will officially announced the suspension of Lumia phones. After Lumia died, whether Microsoft will launch a new brand of intelligent mobile phone, which is still unknown. Prior to the media broke the news that, in the past, the tablet PC, laptop Surface hardware team, has been awarded an important task: the development of Surface brand new smart phone. Allegedly, Surface mobile phone is a differentiated selling point, is used as a host of Windows10 computers. That is, if the user has a home display, mouse or keyboard, you can directly connect the Windows10 phone as a computer. Previously, Microsoft CEO Nadella also said that in many developing countries such as India, the personal computer is expensive is not universal, so if the intelligent mobile phone can also act as the desktop computer to use, it will bring great convenience of life and work. But Surface is just the media rumors, Microsoft has never confirmed that the development of Surface brand mobile phone. For Lumia mobile phones and Windows10 mobile version of the failure, Microsoft has long been ready to think. In the past few years, Microsoft has reached a partnership with a large number of Android mobile phone manufacturers, Android phones in front of Microsoft’s office software. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the world has more than and 70 Android device vendors to pre install Microsoft applications. In China, Microsoft and millet, Lenovo Group reached a pre installed software agreement. In this way, even the intelligent mobile phone business failed, Microsoft still can through Android or iOS two former "rival platform", to provide online Internet application services, and the monthly fee model to obtain the software business income. 2014 years ago, Microsoft is just the operating system developers, did not enter the smartphone hardware business. Later, under the leadership of former CEO Ballmer, Microsoft spent $about 7000000000 acquisition of NOKIA’s mobile phone business in Finland, but two years later, Microsoft’s mobile phone dream ended in failure. NOKIA’s acquisition is also considered one of the worst acquisitions in the history of the technology industry. (Comprehensive dawn) recommended by the wonderful video.相关的主题文章: