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Foreign Olympic champion new owner Chery champion quality "circle of friends" favored by overseas – Beijing, Beijing, November 7, Chery’s overseas car owners, the addition of several Iran Olympic athletes figure. Recently, Iran is located in the Chery MVM joint venture company, to the Rio Olympics Medal of the Iran players to Chery car, salute the Olympic athletes struggle and enterprising spirit of competition, to show the "China name card" social responsibility and good brand image. The picture shows the Chery MVM joint venture car ceremony site this is the first time the depth of Chery N to participate in overseas markets, economic and cultural construction and public welfare undertakings. As early as the London Olympics in 2012, Chery will support the Iran delegation to participate in the Olympic Games, and presented to the Chery car medalists, incentive for Olympic athletes. "Higher, farther, stronger Olympic spirit is not only the goal of competitive athletes, but also the national development and a strong spiritual connotation", deputy general manager of Chery MVM joint venture company Yan Jun said, Chery has always been committed to providing champion quality products and better quality of life vehicles for consumers, hope for the country of automobile industry development of building blocks, to create greater value. Get a car Iran athletes in an interview with local media, said the Chery MVM joint venture is currently the first concern in Iran to support the athletes of the automotive business, which allows athletes to be encouraged. As Chery owners, they are very satisfied with the quality of products and services provided by Chery. To obtain donated cars of the Iran Olympic games players told local media after years of marketing and localization strategy, Chery MVM joint venture company in Iran has become the first big foreign auto enterprises. High quality products, perfect sales and after-sales service network so that Chery has always been in the forefront of the market in Iran, won a good reputation in the market. From the early "go out" to sell products, now go into roots in the local market, and then to go to accelerate the construction of brand in the overseas market, Chery has a foothold into and made a series of achievements. As the first China sales exceeded 5 million passenger car companies, Chery total sales of 1 million 260 thousand cars are sold in the overseas market, has formed three major business areas in Iran, the Middle East, central and South America as the core, covering more than and 80 countries and regions worldwide, has 5 overseas companies, 10 CKD plant. In some overseas markets, the price of Chery products is close to joint venture brands, some products have even exceeded the joint venture brand price. The picture shows the Chery factory in Iran Mercedes Benz Chery cars around the world, representing the new level of "made in China", but also set up a new image of the Chinese brand. Chery is not only to bring the country to the quality of products, but also to bring the advanced technology, management system, through the establishment of factories in the local to solve the employment problem, to promote the development of local economic products localization. The process of local roots development, in-depth understanding of the local Chery brand concept and Chinese local customs and practices, the output of the local culture, enthusiastic to join the public welfare undertakings, the overseas "circle of friends" do bigger. In recent years, Chery has not only supported the Iran Olympic delegation to participate in the Olympic Games, sponsored chile.相关的主题文章: