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Chen Chenxi: "the team" can not temperament – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Chen Chenxi: "weak" can not "temperament in the twelve race, we are a" weak ", which is often in the national football coach Gao Hongbo edge of a sentence. In the wake of the October 6th Xi’an home court 0:1 against the lowest ranked world with group rivals Syria team, Gao Hongbo once again dished out the "underdog", but this time, the "weak" and not lose as China team notes. If the Chinese team is weak, the Syria team can not be called strong, after all, are 1 flat after the negative team of 1. Moreover, the experience of war and the home is not set by the Syria team ranked 114 in the world, compared with the ranks of the Chinese team in the low of the 36 place in the world’s top 78. From the starting line-up, China team did not see themselves as a weak one, double striker Gao Lin Zhang Yuning and defender of the 4 lineup are twelve finals for the first time since. Obviously, 3 points is the only goal of the game in china. In the face of the team is China look at fiercely as a tiger does, how to do a "weak" look at the Syria team: the tireless running back, aggressive defense, offensive crazy rush around strategy, it almost made China team to organize a decent attack, even if Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe, Huang Bowen and Yu Hai in midfield is currently the most technical content of configuration. In addition to force running and fighting, Syria team determined the right quick counterattack is the offensive team on the channel No. 9, Marvas’s breakthrough and speed in opening soon to Chinese the defense team to create chaos, and broke half of the Syria team and the most threatening a counterattack from the diminutive player at the foot of. Before the game, there are people worried about the Chinese team’s ability to tackle the problem, after the recovery in Syria, how to tear off the opponent’s defense, the difficulty of this problem is beyond the Chinese team to learn the syllabus. But Chinese team should do better, at least to show weakness in front of the opponent, showing a strong momentum and win ambition, such as striker Gao Lin more active movement, the flank Zhao Mingjian and Ren hang some xiadichuanzhong, between Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe to seek some ground with. In addition, Gao Hongbo in the use of people has its originality, but sometimes too strong side, Gu Chao in a match with Iran in the non reactive, but the tension traces appear, this field to start, finally under tension appears to attack errors. Several times Gao Hongbo substitutions in the game are adjusted to the lineup, from 442 to 352 to 343, but the attack disorder problem has always failed to be solved effectively. Syria team shot 9 feet more than the Chinese team once more, while the Chinese team in the second half of the rush to even threatened to pass a rare. Ultimately, the successful interpretation of the Syria team to a weak win strong classic game, while the national foot kicked out of the top 3 games since the least content and distance from the most distant game. 3 and 1 flat 2 negative, the game content and results to make people have to admit that Chinese team in the twelve match is a team, but in the face of must win the game, but also should take)相关的主题文章: