Know wine, Wine CMO brand marketing course in Beijing – Sohu and began again-女f4

"Know wine? Wine CMO brand marketing course" again in Beijing in 2016 and began the Sohu with two months to the end, take the time to study. This time, "· CMO Wine wine; brand marketing course" new upgrade, the end of November, will lecture in Beijing! Previously, "know wine · Wine CMO brand marketing course" in Shanghai, Beijing has participated in every student classes, which are deep feeling, details click "in the" Wine CMO brand marketing course ", I have something to say!" As the first course of the ShangHai Railway Station, "who is the first to eat crab people." "know wine · Wine CMO brand marketing course" Beijing Railway Station class scene many students admitted, to "know wine · after Wine CMO brand marketing course", more comprehensive system for brand awareness this is what they really need a lesson. After two courses, according to the students’ real feedback, "know wine · Wine CMO brand marketing course" upgraded and improved, updated 30% cases, strive to be more close to the actual needs of everyone. At present, Guo headmaster has launched the "Spring Bud Plan", the course has Wine into professional institutions of higher learning, details click "Guo principals should be a limit of time, do not follow the routine of marketing". Perhaps you have some understanding of brand marketing, we will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the system. Under the guidance of the president Guo, combined with the theory of the case, coupled with brainstorming between the group, will be a new experience and try to create a lot of ideas constantly produce. The 30 day course will commence in November 29th, we are waiting for you in Beijing! About wine studio know wine studio by Guo Minghao (Guo) to create, focusing on the wine industry marketing services, the company’s mission is to shape the product as a brand. Master know wine the most cutting-edge marketing theory, the independent development of the CMO Wine know wine brand marketing course, and maintain communication and cooperation with many domestic and foreign wine market need to provide long-term brand marketing services. From the beginning, and many wineries reached a long-term strategic partnership, and dig out a temperature, feelings, the connotation of the brand story and core concepts, such as Australia blue Dalton (Landaire) "choice from the heart," Ryan Chateau "home is the castle", the silk road the winery began to explore, and finally gain ", the Philippines winery" treat nature ", and strive to enhance the brand value of long-term service.相关的主题文章: