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China Association will hold its nine generation   Chinese literature is becoming more and more attention to the world – Culture – original title: China Writers Association will hold its nine generation China literature is becoming more and more attention in the world: Vice Chairman of China writers introduced today where Jianming guoxinban hall full of literary taste. Vice chairman of Chinese He Jianming writers, Liu Zhenyun, the famous writer Cao Wenxuan in the morning, here are China Writers Association Ninth National Congress etc.. It is reported that the writers Congress will be held in Beijing on November 30th, a period of four days, the party and state leaders will attend the opening ceremony. 987 representatives to participate in the general assembly, on behalf of the oldest 101 years old, is a Sichuan writer, Mr. Ma shitu. Creative vitality release masterpieces colorful He Jianming said, this is the literary world for a five year event. Since the eight generation, a series of new situations and new changes have appeared in the literary circles. Chinese Writers Association and each group member units to actively carry out extensive and lasting "deeply rooted people’s life, the theme of practical activities, a large number of passion towards the vast world, feel the pulse of the times. In recent years, there are 360 famous writers in the designated "Chinese writers in-depth life" construction project, the writers also organized the two batch of the network writers into the history of the war, a series of activities along the long road; plan this year and two years in two batches of training is now more than 11000 members of the association of writers, writers never before there have been. The writers also set up a national press League and college literary societies alliance, and Shanghai Univer jointly founded the China creative writing center, opened up a new space art work. China writers have great vitality release, masterpieces scene, concept, theme, style, colorful, style, type, form, techniques of strong competition. Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature, Cao Wenxuan won the Andersen prize, Liu Zhenyun won the highest honor award of the Egyptian culture, Liu Cixin China writer won the international prize for literature, prove that Chinese literature is becoming the world literature more and more creative power. The more Writers Association and grassroots oriented for a little lack of vitality of the writers China questions, He Jianming said, China Writers Association in recent years the role is recognized, some problems do exist, there are some bureaucracy, some organ. In particular, literary works, the general secretary mentioned plateau but lack of peak. According to the instructions and requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the Chinese Writers Association is also the request of the majority of writers. With special emphasis on the reform and improve the organization, clear functions of the CWA task, improve the leadership mechanism of the grass-roots level and the creation of frontline writers represents the proportion of the proportion, to more writers and grassroots oriented, this is the main direction. This Congress, as we can see, from the representative of the chairman of the structure, structure, structure and even the presidium have undergone great changes. These are in order to achieve the overall goal of our reform, but also response and appeal to the community相关的主题文章: