Hebi, a district of the two sisters one emotional fighting knife chase-jcuv是什么车

Hebi, a district of the two sisters one fighting emotion with a knife after the morning news (reporter trainee reporter Miao Miao Ren Jing) the evening of September 26th occurred breathtaking scene, deputy director of the office of Qibin District Li Yang Lu Liyang wisdom command center Zhang Xiu Bin and his colleagues are still nervous. On the same day, there are three women in the fight at the the Great Wall community Cross Street offices under the jurisdiction of, in which a woman was holding a fruit knife to catch another woman. Zhang Xiubin, who saw the knife came in time to seize, to avoid wounding incident. On the same day at 6 pm, Li Yang Road office wisdom Liyang Command Center Deputy Director Zhang Xiubin, Li Yang Road Office of the Great Wall community party branch secretary Zhang Lijuan and the staff of the office of tiger is the Great Wall community patrol. During the inspection, they saw the the Great Wall community cross street, there are three women are arguing, obedient audio and video is the two sisters in the quarrel, the two mothers are at the scene, the mood of the three are very excited. Who thought, suddenly one of the women’s emotional control, took out a dozen centimeters long fruit knife from the electric car after another woman, Zhang Xiubin see this situation, hurriedly rushed up, grabbed the woman with a knife in the hands of the hand, Li Juan ran over, grabbed the woman’s arm with a knife tiger, then quickly dialed 110. Few people will temporarily control the knife woman, the woman’s mood is still very excited, Zhang Xiubin and others to persuade women for their calm mood. When the woman’s mother came to hug the woman again to prevent the excesses, being chased by the woman in the nearby shops. Zhang Xiubin persuaded the hard edge knife broke the woman’s hand, homeopathic grabbed a fruit knife and wait for the arrival of the police 110 police. After the police arrived, Zhang Xiubin will be handed over to the police. After recalling the situation at that time, Zhang Xiubin said: "quite breathtaking, but no accident was lucky!" (Qihe morning)相关的主题文章: