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2015 pure magnetic stripe card holding rate dropped 10.81% (Figure) – according to Xinhua news agency, Sohu finance bank rate network to the latest research report shows that the following holds 3 bank credit card number has dropped, while holding the number more than 4 credit cards began to rise. At the same time, the popularity of chip cards in 2015 has also increased by a large margin, the security of pure magnetic stripe card popularity began to decline. The analysis thinks, on the one hand, the credit card issuing bank is no longer in staking, but began to hold his credit card for intensive and meticulous farming, and have a good record of repayment, the cardholder bank for issuing into customers, which cause more and more obvious one card "phenomenon. On the other hand, the bank credit card discount is becoming more and more detailed, and many cardholders are willing to do more credit cards to enjoy different bank credit card discounts. Survey shows that more than 4 credit card holders cardholders in terms of age mainly concentrated in between 31 to 40 years old, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Shanghai four people up, annual income is mainly concentrated in 60 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan from 60 thousand yuan to 120 thousand, especially the most people, mainly concentrated in degree undergraduate. Survey also showed that in 2015, the popularity of chip cards increased significantly, corresponding to the pure magnetic stripe card holders reduced by 10.81%. With the credit card fraudulent events intensified, the magnetic stripe card security has been widely questioned, the card information storage capacity is small, easy to read magnetic stripe and forged, disadvantages of poor security began exposed, especially the poor security, easy to counterfeit problem. To this end, the central bank began to deploy to replace magnetic stripe cards use more secure chip card process since 2010, but until 2014, the bank began a large area for "core", in 2015 the chip card has made significant achievements. Bank rate network analyst Huaming believes that to improve the safety of credit card itself, to the cardholder and bank to bank as a financial institution should bear the primary responsibility for the credit card for the core of the cardholder more convenient.

2015年纯磁条卡持有率大降10.81%(图)-搜狐财经  据新华社电 银率网最新的调研报告显示,持有3张以下银行信用卡的人数有所下降,而持有4张以上信用卡的人数开始攀升。同时,芯片卡的普及率在2015年也有大幅度增长,安全性差的纯磁条卡普及率开始下降。  分析认为,一方面,目前银行信用卡发行上不再以“跑马圈地”为主,而是开始精耕细作,持有他行信用卡,并且有良好还款记录的持卡人成为银行争抢的发卡客户,这造成“一人多卡”现象越来越明显。另一方面,银行信用卡优惠日益细化,不少持卡人也愿意多办一些信用卡来享受不同银行信用卡优惠。  调查显示,持有4张以上信用卡的持卡人在年龄方面主要集中在31岁至40岁之间,以江苏、浙江、北京和上海四地的人最多,年收入主要集中在6万元至20万元,尤其以6万元至12万的人最多,学历主要集中在本科。  调查还显示,2015年芯片卡普及率大幅提高,与之相对应的是纯磁条卡持有人比例减少10.81%。随着信用卡盗刷事件愈演愈烈,磁条卡的安全性被广泛质疑,这种卡片信息存储量小、磁条易读出和伪造、保密性差等缺点开始暴露出来,尤其是保密性差、易伪造的问题。为此,央行从2010年就开始部署用安全性更高的芯片卡替代磁条卡的进程,不过直到2014年,银行才开始大面积进行换“芯”,2015年芯片卡的进展已经有了显著成效。  银率网分析师华明认为,提高信用卡本身的安全性,需要持卡人和银行共同努力,银行作为金融机构更应该承担主要责任,在信用卡换芯上给予持卡人更多的便捷性。相关的主题文章: