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Good custom wedding delightful (micro survey) before and after the Spring Festival is around the peak of weddings, young marriage, wedding, into the palace of happiness. But in recent years, with the improvement of income level, where some of the wedding outdated customs and bad habits rise, extravagance and waste, leading to comparisons of the wind spread. In this regard, many places actively promote good customs, check the bad atmosphere. Let the wedding day sweep outdated customs and bad habits and not long ago, Shandong guy Liu according to the customs with friends and relatives to the woman’s home "bride". Several red handed, make friends give rise directly to mind, kicked the door broken. "This is the bride ‘happy downtown a downtown, but make the head injury, property damage, there is not good." Liu after the marriage ceremony quickly get mother-in-law’s house door. Before the bride, the woman’s family living room, Liu also ate apples, peanuts, means good luck. But the wedding day is difficult for Liu, "on that day, my lips are broken, stuffed with a full mouth, don’t swallow, spit out at last." Not long ago, in Shaanxi province Xi’an City Taoyuan North Road, a wedding team is preparing to set off firecrackers at the intersection, next to clean sanitation workers quickly stepped forward to dissuade. "It was early in the morning, the road just cleaned up, and the wedding team ready to fire the T-junction is precisely a tuyere, the wind blows, the gun will shave skin everywhere, they have to re clean." Cleaner Master Wang said. May discourage cleaning workers discouraged the wedding "happy head", a man in the wedding team up to give Wang master a fist, Wang master mouth out of blood, then rushed to the hospital sewing four needles. Let the wedding banquet change taste, Mr. Xie home in Hebei, Huanghua rural areas, although the family is general, but the family still manages 40 tables of banquets, entertain friends and relatives. At the wedding banquet, the 16 dishes filled with a full table. "Less than an hour, the wedding is over. The remaining half of the dishes on the table, in addition to good chicken, fish, pork, shrimp may be picked out and other leftovers basically drained." Thank you, Mr. Xie said, a wedding member money basically spent, throw away things also very distressed, but parents feel that everyone is doing so, and the wedding will do this once, can not let relatives and friends feel shabby. In some rural areas in the southwest of Shandong Province, with a scale of betrothal gifts. The general is 3 pounds 3 two, namely, the weight of hundred dollar bills, add up to about 100000 yuan; some also pay attention to "a riot of colour green", namely 10 thousand 5 yuan bills, a total of 50 thousand yuan, 1000 hundred dollar bills, a total of 100 thousand yuan, 50 yuan of money to watch, bride price from 150 thousand yuan. A lot of local people say very helpless: "although also know that this is not necessarily appropriate, but we are compared to do, you also have no way."!" Good customs make arrangements for the wedding for a kind of "since the civilization thrifty for Baishi’s initiative, wealthy people to recognize the extravagance and waste disgraceful, difficult family also had to step down, eliminate the herd mentality, comparisons of the wind stopped." Shandong Juye County Shuwang village Party branch secretary Wang Guanzi introduction, Juye county actively promote simple engagement, guide the youth against;

婚庆良俗 更添喜气(微调查)   春节前后是各地婚嫁喜事的高峰,年轻人缔结婚约、举办婚礼,走进幸福的殿堂。不过近些年来,随着收入水平的提高,有些地方的婚礼陈规陋习有所抬头,导致奢靡浪费、攀比之风蔓延。对此,不少地方积极倡导良风美俗,刹住不良风气。  陈规陋习让大喜之日扫了兴  前不久,山东小伙小刘按习俗带着亲友去女方家“抢亲”。递了几个红包后,闹得兴起的朋友按捺不住心性,直接把门踹坏了。  “‘抢亲’本是借着喜气闹一闹,但闹过了头,出现人员受伤、财物毁坏就不好了。”小刘办完结婚仪式后赶紧找人把丈母娘家的门修好。抢亲之前,在女方家的客厅,小刘还吃了苹果、花生等,意味着平安吉祥。但大喜之日也是难为了小刘,“那天,我的嘴唇都被弄破了,塞了满满一嘴,根本咽不下去,最后都吐出来了。”  不久前,在陕西省西安市桃园北路,一支结婚的队伍正准备在路口放爆竹,旁边打扫卫生的清洁工人赶忙上前劝阻。“当时正值清早,这个路段刚刚打扫干净,而且结婚队伍准备放炮的丁字路口恰好是个风口,这风一吹,炮皮就会刮得到处都是,又得重新清扫。”清洁工王师傅说。  可能嫌清洁工人的劝阻妨碍了婚礼的“喜头”,婚礼队伍中的一名男子上来就给了王师傅一拳,王师傅嘴巴出了血,随即被送往医院缝了四针。  铺张攀比让婚宴变了味  谢先生家在河北黄骅农村,家境虽然一般,但家里仍办了40桌酒席款待亲友。婚宴上,16盘丰盛的菜肴堆了满满一桌。“不到一个小时,婚宴结束。桌上的菜剩下了一半,除了完好的鸡、鱼、肘子、虾可能会被拣出来,其他的剩菜基本被倒掉了。”谢先生说,办一场婚礼份子钱基本花进去了,扔掉的东西也很心疼,但父母觉得大家都这么办,而且婚礼就办这么一次,不能让亲友们感觉自家寒酸。  在鲁西南地区的一些农村,彩礼是拿着秤称的。一般是3斤3两,即百元大钞的重量,加起来有10多万元;也有的讲究“万紫千红一片绿”,即1万张5元钞票,共5万元,1000张百元大钞,共10万元,50元钞票看着给,彩礼15万元起价。不少当地人表示很无奈:“虽然也知道这样不一定合适,但大家都比着办,你也没办法!”  良风美俗让操办喜事换了样  “自从有了文明节俭办理红白事的倡议后,富裕的人家认识到了铺张浪费不光彩,困难的人家也正好有了台阶下,消除了从众心理,刹住了攀比之风。”山东巨野县舒王庄村党支部书记王关资介绍,巨野县积极提倡简约定亲,引导广大青年反对索要“天价”彩礼,树立“不要车,不要房,自己家业自己创”的新型婚恋观,不搞豪华车队、奢华宴席。  陕西宝鸡市千阳县朝阳村的文化活动室门口有一块特殊的招牌:“朝阳村红白理事协会”。300多平方米的活动室里,支着10张大圆桌,活动室门口处还有一个灶台。  朝阳村村支书马玉贵向记者坦言,“以前村里人娶媳妇都是在自家门口支起几个棚子,请上亲戚朋友连吃三天,大操大办、攀比成风,就为了‘撑面子’!”现如今,朝阳村主动搞起“基层创新”,在村文化活动室办起了“接地气”的“红白理事协会”,让村民们拍手叫好。  “去年挂牌以来,已经承办了近10场婚礼,都是既简单又隆重,很受欢迎。”马玉贵说。 SourcePh" style="">相关的主题文章: