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UnCategorized When did the Revolutionary War start? This war is also famously called as the Independence War in America. This was a huge battle between the British and the Americans. It was started in 1775. The leader of the American troops was George Washington. Many people are interested to learn the answer to the question, when did the Revolutionary War start. 1. The first answer is because of the heavy taxes that the British Parliament placed on the Americans. They put big amounts of taxes for the basic commodities like sugar. The high taxes were needed so the British Parliament can pay the debts that they had acquired from the war between the French. They required thirteen places in America to pay the expensive taxes. 2. The second answer is because it was one of the offshoot events after the British and French War in the North American territories. This event happened in 1689. 3. The third answer is because of the need of the American colonists to achieve independence. They had the feeling that they no longer needed the help of the British Parliament and they can stand on their own without the need of another country overseeing them. 4. The fourth answer is because the colonists in the United States were not allowed to have a representative in the British government. They were not allowed to object to any of their plans for America because their opinions did not matter. The colonists agreed that the taxes they had to pay without any representative in the parliament were wrong. They all had one decision of not supporting the goods that come from the United Kingdom like tea, paper and clothes. The colonists had to spin and weave their own clothes and they begin sipping their coffee because they no longer wanted tea. 5. The fifth reason why the Revolutionary War started many years ago is because the American colonist congress placed limitations on the British government’s control on the country. They reinforced that the taxes can only be mandated by the representatives they have chosen by election through their assemblies. They believed that the British government can only control the trade between America and their country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: