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Site-Promotion In fact the subject about the authority of Alexa ranking has not too much to be discussed itself. According to the view of sampling algorithm, if the Alexa Toolbar installation rate is certain, the result is relatively fair to any website. Assuming that some countrys Alexa Toolbar installation rate is 1.5%, the traffic of portal A is 1 million and the traffic of portal B is 3 million, visit rates of both sites according to Alexa data would generally be in between 1% and 2%. Thus by .parison in this way, the Alexa ranking of the two sites would be correct. And according to statistic method, the more random samples are extracted, the closer to the truth the statistical result is. So generally speaking, the higher Alexa rank of a website is, the truer the result is. Speaking popularly, to improve a websites Alexa ranking to 10,000 from 1,000,000 is far more difficult than to improve its Alexa ranking to 100 from 10,000. However, argument on the authority of Alexa ranking has never disappeared. To improve datas credibility, Alexa has optimized its ranking algorithm. The new version launched by Alexa.. is nothing new to us now. But .pared with the new interface, the substantial change of algorithm part draws much more attention of me. The new version of Alexa begins to introduce more ranking factors in order to gain truer influence ranking. Please note that Im not saying traffic ranking but influence ranking here. That can why a lot of novel sites with amazing number of visitios do not necessarily have good ranking matched with their traffic. These factors may include social bookmarking, search engines, external links, traffic sources and export traffic. Additionally, as far as I observe, the following may help to increase Alexa rank : 1. Original articles can get more attention and more external links; 2. Blog content focuses more on IT, and IT people have higher Alexa Toolbar installation rate than ordinary users; 3. Articles have been re.mended to some well-known websites. Usually the websites re.mended by a big website is also a good site that can contribute good weight. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: