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Networking Developing mobile apps for events has be.e a mandatory task among event organizers. This is largely due to the increasing usage of mobile devices across the world. Instead of accessing Internet through personal .puters or desktops, users prefer to do the same through mobile devices and this is why event planners must develop an iOS event app for the events that they are going to organize. Being present on mobile helps them reach a wide number of audience. This also enables the event organizers to connect with their attendees in an easier way. No matter If you are a newbie in the industry or you have been catering to the market for years, you must be aware of the importance having conference mobile app for your business. While it is evident that you have to create a mobile app for business, you should also take care of what features to include in it. If your mobile app doesn’t include the most essential features,you might not achieve the desired result with the help of this. Here are some of the features that you should include in your event mobile app – Content Management System One of the most essential features that every event app should have is CMS or content management system. This helps the event planner create as well as edit content. The moment you need to share any document or a particular information with your attendees, you can do the same right from your app. There is no need to get back to office or home for editing the content. You can also view download statistics and send push notification with the help of CMS. Make sure the dashboard provides a lot of useful tools, round the clock, so that you can work on the different functionalities whenever you want to. Details of event schedule and sessions One of the best features of your event mobile app should be the display of event sessions and event schedule. Make sure the .plete program agenda of your event is displayed in the app in a clear and easy-to-navigate format. If you want to divide the different sessions according to their tracks or categories, you can do the same with the help of the app. You should also ensure that your users get a chance to add the sessions of their choice to a personal calendar on their own device. The design of the app should be in sync with the event While designing the app, you should ensure that the design of the mobile event app is in sync with the branding and style of your .anization as well as the next event. All that you need to do is to provide your design team with a brief idea about the style of your website and the event. These are some of the features that you should consider including in your mobile event app. Apart from these, it should also include features like bookmarking and custom users schedule. Make sure whatever you do it enhances the user experience to a great extent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: