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Self-Improvement Before any discussion of the use of subliminal technology as a tool for individual self-improvement, it is important to understand exactly what subliminal technology is and what it is not. The dictionary definition of the term subliminal is ‘operating below the threshold of consciousness’ also mentioned is as using stimuli to influence mental processes or individual behavior. Subliminal should not be confused with ‘hypnosis’ which is defined as being in a trance or sleepy state. However all are methods of attaining affirmation for positive mentality. Subliminal technology basically goes back to the old school of thought ‘I think therefore I am’. One of the mysteries of mankind is the ability to explain exactly how the mind works. We know that how a person thinks has an immediate effect on, not only on how that person acts or behaves but what the overall personal mood or attitude is. Henry Ford once said ‘Whether you think you can or that you think you can’t you are usually right". One of the favorite stories of most children is a book entitled ‘The Little Engine That Could’. As long as the little engine said "I think I can", positive progress happened. It is important to remember that can’t is a contraction of cannot. If the apostrophe and the ‘t’ are removed, can’t quickly becomes ‘can’. Positive thinking has a way of changing our mindset. When the mind is focused on positive thoughts the mindset is immediately affected most often without our being aware of it. One of the many areas of life in which subliminal technology is being used with a very positive success rate is in the medical profession. There is an ongoing study regarding how simply giving a cancer patient an index card containing a positive thought can effect the person to the point that the cancer enters a state of remission. There have been cases in which the cancer has even disappeared from the body of a person who thought or believed freedom from cancer. The internet is filled with information regarding subliminal technology. A search using this term will immediately pull up many hits regarding ‘subliminal techniques’ which will lead to numerous books and CD’s promising that mankind has the innate ability to use subliminal techniques, messages, etc. not only to control life itself but the ability to manifest the destiny of life as well simply by placing a running stream of positive images on the desktop of a computer while one works! Subliminal Technology and subliminal techniques are two entirely different things. It is one thing for positive thoughts to enter the subconscious mind without one being aware that it is happening. It is amazing how easily a thought can be in the conscious mind one second and disappear the next. One example of this is how easily a thought enters ones mind but gets lost before the tongue can verbalize it. Going back to the original premise "I think therefore I am" it is quite easy to see how this differs from ‘I think therefore I shall become’. Subliminal technology is very effective mind evolution for affirmation for positive mentality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: