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7 hot spots: the Wei general into the Oklahoma City Hall of fame Walton praised Clarkson sports Sohu Beijing time on October 7th, let us review the news today: TOP5 (click to view the full text headings) 1 Westbrook in Oklahoma City Hall of fame and glory next month! Jordan will serve as references from ESPN reported that next month (November) 18, Russell Westbrook will officially settled in Oklahoma Hall of fame. By then, Jordan Hornets boss Michael will visit the site and served as the introducer westbrook! It should be mentioned that before the Bulls boss Jerry Rains Dov was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame, Jordan was invited as their recommenders, but "trapeze" declined the invitation. Last year, Kevin – Durant was elected to the Oklahoma Hall of fame, when Wei Wei as one of the witnesses came to the scene, KD expressed the hope that Wei is the next person to be selected. Today, KD left the thunder team to the warriors under the command, and Westbrook thunder and sign the contract. 2 Clarkson or any of the Lakers sixth Walton his best defensive team the Lakers "nation" reported that the Losangeles Lakers last pre-season first defeat of the Sacramento kings game, the lineup is a little different, the previous starter Jordan Clarkson off the bench, starting five road – Williams, Gilo – Russell, Dan Deng, Jules Mozgov and randall. Clarkson debut scored 12 points in 20 minutes in the second squad (including two three pointers), 6 rebounds and 1 steals, Luke Walton is most satisfied with the defense of Clarkson, he ran the ball defense, defense and pick the tireless. 3 Wade: James could not go beyond Jordan is tied up to ESPN of the reported from the air, even the good brothers, but in Dwayne Wade, Lebron James – regardless of occupation career achieve, can not go beyond Michael Jordan, is the only tie…… This summer to accept the "Sports Illustrated" interview, James admitted that he has been since the goal is to catch up with Jordan. The new season media day, James once again said that his goal is to become the greatest player in history. The outside world began to have such a guess, James can go beyond the "air" some day in the future? Wade is from Chicago, Jordan has been a "flash" idol, "impossible," Wade said with a smile, "the only thing you can do is to catch up with Jordan." 4. A new labor agreement within a few weeks of 2017 is expected to reach or shut down from the "YAHOO" to avoid sports famous reporter Adrian – Warner Veselovski reports, informed sources, NBA and the players union made a breakthrough in the new collective bargaining agreement negotiations, the party is expected to double in the next few weeks to reach a new agreement, so as to avoid NBA in 2017 stalled. Prior to December 16th this year, NBA and the players union can choose to jump out of existing labor agreements. The latest news shows that both sides believe that at this point in time, to reach agreement on a new labor agreement. 5 Ross first attendance.相关的主题文章: