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The 7 day of the 19 city of Nanchang to start the purchase of the property market regulation concern — Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: the 7 day of the 19 city of Nanchang to start the purchase of the property market regulation in Nanchang concern the latest price increase ranked the top 20 in October 7th, the people of Nanchang Miss Xu again appeared in Honggutan real estate before a few months ago, at prices rose from 11 thousand yuan per square meter to 15 thousand yuan per square meter, Miss Xu mind only emerges "soaring" two words. 许小姐的见闻并非空穴来风。 During the national day, after the release of the new policy of the property market in Beijing, many cities have followed the pace of regulation. So far, the property market has been regulated by 19 cities. Data from Dajiang big data research center show that in the latest 70 housing price indices of the whole country, Nanchang is ranking the top 20 in terms of the growth rate of the ring or the year-on-year growth rate. "The actual income level of most Nanchang citizens is not directly proportional to the increase of house prices, and the overall control of house prices is very necessary." Yan Yuejin, research director of the center for the think tank of the Institute of Yi Ju, said Nanchang was growing too fast, and controlling house prices could be completely used by the limited purchase model. However, Nanchang is not limited to the real estate market in the end? The key remains to be issued by the authorities of the relevant departments. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: 7 days of the 19 city of Nanchang property market regulation when to start the purchase of concern during the week of 19 domestic city property market regulation before the release of Beijing property market after the new deal, a city keep pace. In the early morning of October 6th, the Zhuhai municipal government issued a new policy on the property market, and announced that the policy of limiting the purchase of loans would be implemented as soon as possible. In April this year, the announcement of the cancellation of the purchase was less than half a year, and Zhuhai restarted the purchase again to cope with the rise in the property market. In accordance with the new regulations, from now on Zhuhai city property purchase restrictions on the implementation of policies, have 3 or more permanent residents of the city family, and has 1 sets of the above non city residence households can not provide the date of purchase before the monthly pay more than 1 year of continuous personal income tax or social insurance certificate of non city residence households in the city within the scope of the suspension of sale of a building area of 144 square meters and below the ordinary housing. The evening of October 6th, Dongguan introduced restriction policy: since October 7, 2016, in the administrative area of Dongguan City, the city residence households have 2 or more housing units and suspended its sales of new commodity housing; to have 1 sets of housing, can not provide the date of purchase before 2 years in the city for more than 1 years of continuous monthly pay personal income tax or social insurance that non city residence households, and have 2 or more housing units and non city residence households, suspended its sales of new commodity housing. The reporter found that Fuzhou became the eighteenth limited purchase city during the national day. Subsequently, Huizhou also introduced the regulation and control measures on the property market in the late October 6th. The property market is expected to increase too fast in the city during the National Day 19 city Solitaire regulation regulation issued notices, no hot words become the most hi holiday. The regulation of the property market also stimulates the most sensitive nerve in Nanchang. Many respondents said that since the Nanchang metro line two announced the end of July next year the opening part of the region along the region, prices soared. "At Hongjiaozhou Feng and avenue of a real estate rose from 11 thousand yuan per square meter in April this year to 15 thousand yuan per square meter. Not only that, the Nanchang metro line two Honggutan area along the second-hand housing in several months, hundreds of square meters rose 2000 yuan." A citizen said, less than half a year, Honggutan a set of house prices rose by nearly 200 thousand, even if do not eat or drink for 2 years to earn. "It seems that prices continued to rise, we can only say goodbye to honggutan." The people of Nanchang Liu although jokingly said with a smile, but the heart is full of sorrow and grief. Many citizens say that since Nanchang is a city with a fast rise in house prices, is there any possibility of buying a purchase policy? Is there any regulation space? In October 7th, the reporter tried to explore the information from the housing management department, but it was unsuccessful for the period of non work. According to the analysis of the industry, from the 19 cities, the main city is second line city, and basically the higher price increase in the early period. From the point of view of the urban characteristics of the policy, it can be judged that there will be a number of cities in the future to introduce regulatory policies. In the end, there is a possibility that there will be 15-20 cities to form a round of control policy storm. "The property market in these cities is generally active, and the house price is increasing too fast." The people interviewed in the industry believe that. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: 7 days of the 19 city of Nanchang to start the purchase of the property market regulation concerned provide the latest price increase in Nanchang ranked the top 20 great data research center data show that in 70 the city’s latest price index in Nanchang, whether it is an increase of or an increase in the top 20. Reporters noted that the latest phase of the housing price in Nanchang increased by 1.6%, ranking seventeenth in 70 cities in the country. The latest housing price in Nanchang increased by 13% over the same period last year, ranking fifteenth in the 70 cities of the country. In this regard, E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin pointed out that the price increase from Nanchang, currently in the 70 city in the country in both an increase or an increase, are in the top 20 ranking, it is essential to control prices on the whole. Therefore, according to the practice of the restriction on the purchase of most big cities, they are basically the cities whose prices are rising too fast. So the whole logic can also be applied to the current housing policy of Nanchang. "Therefore, this kind of city is also necessary to actively introduce the limited purchase policy, and then to crack down on the demand for real estate." Yan Yuejin said, from the actual situation, proposed zoning control, similar Honggutan and other regional hot spots can tighten the restriction and increase Shoufu ratio, and some suburban markets can actively stressed the strategic orientation to inventory. The industry said that Nanchang Housing enterprises in the near future do not dare to increase the price of Nanchang too fast, control price can be used by the limited purchase model. The above statement in the industry has been recognized by experts. Jiangxi University scholar believes that the property market regulation can effectively combat all kinds of real estate demand, especially the second purchase behavior of outsiders will be restrained. Of course, from the actual situation, are too stringent restrictions the general part of the second city not to the first set of buyers, so from this idea, is still allowed to purchase a set, this will make the purchase demand and not because of the purchase of the policy and greatly reduced. And we should be vigilant about the possibility of the release of panic buying demand before and after the introduction of the policy. Yan Yuejin said on the other, the real estate market in Nanchang, to a policy proposal in October can be actively introduced, because if not introduced, recent city purchase will make part of the demand spillover to the Nanchang market, but the Nanchang property transactions become more active, thus pushing up prices. "If the policy after landing, then the property prices will be inhibited, mainly down the rate of price increases, but whether it will make the real estate prices, not to say, because the contrast of view, compared to the Nanchang part of the housing sales price of more than more than 10000 of the city, or lower than, so it is still easy or hard up the situation. But there will be a hidden price limit behind the purchase policy, so it will make some housing companies not likely to rise at random in the near future. Yan Yuejin analysis said. However, the experts and the industry’s above statements have not been confirmed by the housing management department. What is a change in the Nanchang property market? It still needs to be issued by the authorities of the relevant departments. (reporter Feng Xun, intern Wang Zhengzhou) (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye) 7天全国19城调控楼市 南昌何时启动限购受关注–江西频道–人民网 原标题:7天全国19城调控楼市 南昌何时启动限购受关注 南昌最新一期房价增幅位列全国前20位 10月7日,南昌市民许小姐又一次出现在红谷滩新区某楼盘前,看着数月前房价从1.1万元 平方米飙升到1.5万元 平方米,许小姐脑海只浮现“疯长”二字。 许小姐的见闻并非空穴来风。国庆期间,自北京发布楼市新政后,多个城市紧跟调控步伐。迄今,已有19座城市调控楼市。大江大数据研究中心提供的数据显示,在全国70个城市最新一期房价指数中,南昌无论是环比增幅还是同比增幅,都在前20位排序。 “大多数南昌市民实际收入水平与房价增幅难成正比,整体控制房价非常有必要。”易居研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进认为,南昌增幅过快,控制房价完全可以按限购模式套用。不过,南昌市对楼市到底限不限购?关键还有待相关部门权威发布。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨) 原标题:7天全国19城调控楼市 南昌何时启动限购受关注 一周期间国内19座城市调控楼市 日前,北京发布楼市新政后,多个城市紧跟步伐。 10月6日凌晨,珠海市政府出台了楼市新政,宣布即日起执行限购限贷政策。距今年4月宣布取消限购不足半年,珠海再次重启限购以应对楼市的上涨。按照新规,从即日起珠海市执行住房限购政策,对拥有3套及以上的本市户籍居民家庭、拥有1套及以上的非本市户籍居民家庭、无法提供购房之日前在本市逐月连续缴纳1年以上个人所得税或社会保险证明的非本市户籍居民家庭,暂停在全市范围内向其销售建筑面积144平方米及以下的普通住房。 10月6日傍晚,东莞出台限购政策:自2016年10月7日起,在东莞市行政区域内,对拥有2套及以上住房的本市户籍居民家庭暂停向其销售新建商品住房;对拥有1套住房、无法提供购房之日前2年内在本市逐月连续缴纳1年以上个人所得税或社会保险证明的非本市户籍居民家庭,以及拥有2套及以上住房的非本市户籍居民家庭,暂停向其销售新建商品住房。 记者发现,福州成为国庆期间第18个限购城市。其后,惠州也在10月6日晚出台楼市调控措施。 楼市增幅过快的城市有望接龙调控 国庆期间19座城市发布调控告示,无缘成为长假最嗨的热词。 对于楼市调控,同样刺激到南昌人内心的最敏感神经。多位受访市民说,自从南昌地铁二号线宣布明年7月底开通部分区域后,沿线区域的房价一路飙升。“地处红角洲丰和中大道某楼盘,从今年4月的1.1万元 平方米飙升到1.5万元 平方米。不仅如此,南昌地铁二号线红谷滩片区沿线的二手房也在数月之间,动辄上涨了2000元 平方米。” 一位市民说,半年不到,红谷滩新区一套房价上涨了近20万,即便是不吃不喝也要赚2年。“看来,房价一路攀升,我们只能对红谷滩说再见。”南昌市民刘先生虽然打趣笑称,但内心却满是酸楚。 不少市民说,既然南昌是房价涨幅较快的城市,有没有出台限购政策的可能?有没有出现调控空间? 10月7日,记者试图从房管部门打探消息,但因非上班期间一直未果。 有业内人士分析称,从19个出台限购城市来看,主要以二线城市为主,而且基本都是前期房价涨幅较高城市。从出台政策的城市特点看,可以判断,未来还有多个城市会出台调控政策。最后有可能将有15 -20个城市形成本轮调控政策风暴。 “这些城市楼市普遍存在交易活跃因素,而且房价增幅过快。”受访业内人士认为。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨) 原标题:7天全国19城调控楼市 南昌何时启动限购受关注 南昌最新一期房价增幅位列全国前20位 大江大数据研究中心提供的数据显示,在全国70个城市最新一期房价指数中,南昌无论是环比增幅还是同比增幅,都在前20位排序。 记者注意到,南昌最新一期房价环比增幅达1.6%,位居全国70个城市的第17位;南昌最新一期房价同比增幅达13.0%,位居全国70个城市的第15位。 对此,易居研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进指出,从南昌的房价增幅来看,目前在全国70个城市中实际上无论是环比增幅还是同比增幅,都在前20位的排序中,所以整体上控制房价非常有必要。因此按照目前各大城市出台限购的做法,基本上都是房价上涨过快的城市,所以整体上说此类逻辑也可以套用南昌目前的购房政策。 “所以,此类城市也有必要积极出台限购政策,进而打击炒房需求。”严跃进说,从实际情况看,建议分区进行管控,类似红谷滩等热点区域可以收紧限购和提高首付比例,而部分郊区市场可以积极强调去库存的战略导向。 业内称南昌房企近期不敢随意涨价 南昌增幅过快,控制房价可按限购模式套用。业内人士上述说法,得到了专家认可。 江西财大一位学者认为,楼市调控能够有效地打击各类炒房需求,尤其是外地人的第二套购房行为会受到抑制。当然从实际情况看,一般部分二线城市还不会对外地人首套购房进行太过于严厉的限制,那么从这个思路看,依然是允许购置一套的,这会使得购房需求并不会因为限购政策而大规模地缩减。而且要警惕政策出台前后恐慌性购房需求释放的可能。 严跃进另表示,对于南昌房地产市场来说,若要出政策,建议十月份就可以积极出台,因为若不出台,近期其他城市限购的做法会使得部分需求外溢到南昌市场,反而使得南昌购房交易更加活跃,进而推高房价。 “若政策落地后,那么对于房价上涨会有抑制的作用,主要是压低涨价的幅度,但是否会使得楼盘降价,还不好说,因为横向对比看,南昌相比部分房屋销售单价超过一万多的城市而言,还是比较低的,所以依然是涨易跌难的态势。但限购政策背后往往也会有一层隐含的限价的含义,所以会使得部分房企近期不敢随意涨价。”严跃进分析称。不过,专家及业内人士上述说法暂未得到房管部门证实。南昌楼市究竟是一个怎样的变化?还有待相关部门权威发布。(记者冯训太、实习生汪正洲) (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章: