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76: Adams will not be great anger Wei style strong return little appreciation! Nebid preseason eye-catching performance of the entire collection of Tencent sports October 24th hearing Philadelphia 76 team in the last preseason victory over the Miami heat, the end of the five successive defeats. Next, 76 people will usher in the thunder in the home court for the season opener in the test, called "the great" embid de said, in the face of Adams I will be careful, he also said very much less Wei style. We de Adams said fear of thunder’s Adams to play dirty is known, but Nebid said he is ready, "I will let other players on they eat a lot of suffering, so I’m going to take a sudden confrontation and Adams. I’ve known him for two years, and the two of us are the same." "Adams is one of the best centers in the League because he has a killer personality." 76 coach Bret – Brown said. "He can run like a small forward. He’s a defensive rebound. You would think that he really is seven feet tall, more than and 200 pound man? "He always tries to irritate you in the game." Bret – Brown special emphasis, so in the face of such players, you must pay attention to discipline." "I can’t wait!" Nebid said, "this will be my first official game in NBA! I just finished pre-season and I feel like I’m improving every game. I’m really looking forward to my first game!" In addition, when it comes to thunder headed star Westbrook Hornby, said his passion is de love, "I love that kind of attitude, he played like mad, just like me. I like that attitude. I really want to break the wrist with him." In addition, against the heat of the game, Nebid said he finally got the NBA stadium for the first time he had been no assists, assists recorded, but this is to miss Taiwan technology assists, "I finally got an assist, but the statistics table did not give me, but I have been pursuing the data." (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: