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8 year old man with 5 adorable baby   more than 500 volunteers clean Sanya Bay — people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn original title: 8 year old man with 5 adorable baby more than 500 volunteers clean Sanya Bay more than 500 volunteers to clean the Gulf of Sanya. More than 500 volunteers clean Sanya bay. "The rain stops, I’m sorry, I’m going to clean the beach." In October 6th 4 pm, aged 80, from Harbin birds elderly leaves Jianqi to and reporters said a few words, hurriedly picked up several green bags from the Gulf of Sanya, "the birds volunteer service station to the sea, the beach was clean and health obligations of tourists uncivilized behavior and other volunteers persuasion activity. In the past more than half an hour, the Gulf of Sanya just under a big rain. After the rain of the Sanya Bay, especially fresh air, the scenery is picturesque. On the square along the beach, the coconut Rhine attracted several thousand charming visitors or take pictures inside and outside. Behind this beautiful, because such as Ye Jianqi volunteers to pay hard. "My wife has retired, and is also a volunteer in the Gulf of Sanya." An hour later, Ye Jianqi will just pick up a bag of garbage into the trash after the reporter said. For more than ten kilometers of the Sanya Bay has a "Coconut Dream Corridor", "city living room" in the world, there is also a lot of Chinese and foreign tourists to Sanya most often go to the place. However, due to the uncivilized behavior of some tourists, to the management of the Gulf of Sanya has brought some pressure. Reporters saw on the square near the beach, less than 50 meters there is a trash, but there are still a small number of tourists on the beach in the discarded water bottles, cigarette butts, their behavior and the beautiful beach is not harmonious. "Please don’t throw rubbish on the beach, because workers are difficult to clean, please do not spread on the lawn and beach mat, which not only affects the appearance and destruction of Grassland", "here is the sidewalk, please do not arbitrarily electric car parked in the aisle……" Reporters saw on the square, Jingjiling square, Sanya Tianya District uncivilized behavior organization of the district urban management and law enforcement personnel on the part of the visitors persuasion, most of the tourists have given with. The afternoon of October 6th, the district governor Chen Xiangfen, staff of Tianya District Committee, district propaganda minister Liang Dinghui and other agencies and community volunteers in the area, on the square along the beach clean health, a lot of people and promote the participation of tourists. In the cleaning of the crowd, a little friend very conspicuous. Reporters learned that the child is only 5 year old, named Li Xiaoqi, was reading kindergarten. We adults not only to protect the beach, but also to let the children grow up to take care of the beach, the protection of the natural environment." Li Xiaoqi mother told reporters. Even on the horizon, District City Management Bureau of full employment, to carry out remediation remediation of littering, Luantingluanfang behavior in the Sanya Bay area. The District Committee of the Communist Youth League cadres, also launched the community residents, college students, "migratory birds" in more than 500 volunteers in the Gulf of Sanya to carry out environmental protection, tourist guide, civilized persuasion and other volunteer activities as the main)相关的主题文章: