A district of Beijing old property resigned after being refused to take out 70 security attack – Soh-zhongguorentiyishu

A district of Beijing old property resigned after being refused to take out 70 security "attack" – Sohu news yesterday, Daxing Jiugong Murray new world area, more than 70 security in a responsible person under the leadership of poly Simon in the area, two of them use instruments on the door trying to cut the chains, midway also to door owners rippled sediment. The reporter understands, because the old property has refused to quit, the new property settled, more owners in the property will be blasted by the security community after the lock the door, the old property yesterday with the counterattack. Community experts said the old property refused to withdraw from the district is a violation. Daxing old town government said it would coordinate the completion of the transfer of new and old property as soon as possible. Police said they were investigating the matter. The old property with the "counterattack" from "property in the building out of sixty or seventy people, including two people with big pliers to cut the chain lock on the door." The United States of Daxing District new world District Liu told reporters, the owner and the more than and 10 security guard in the area of Simon, suddenly dozens of people from the old property in the building rushed to the village of Simon began breaking. The reporter saw in the video at the time, two security guards holding large yellow pincers are trying to cut the iron chain on the side of the gate, the owner took a stick beat pliers stop, both entangled when a security guard from the foot of the bag around the sand, blowing to the owners here. The reporters found that the video in most of these security guards armed with batons and other equipment. In another video, several police stepped forward to stop and disperse security. "It’s too lawless, through the door can attack our owners, thanks to the police in time to stop." Liu said that the leadership of this group of security attack is the head of the old property security department. Property owners "have long grudges" yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the United States new world community, here is a new property in the ceremony. Deputy director of the Small Business Committee Mr. Du told reporters that the old estate property Shanxi Yun Xin property company is the original Jiugong town government appointed district temporary emergency property, but the property was settled after the public green fill the parking lot, also did not show the government appointed documents, the industry committee voted to hire a new property the company hired in September, "well, but the town government several times to coordinate the old property are reluctant to withdraw, October 6th once again coordination failed after hearing the news, the owners anxious, a group of people to 3 security duty out of the district." After the event, in order to ensure the safety of the District, the owners of the community to hire hundreds of security guards to guard the District, many owners of voluntary shift duty. "Did not think they have repeatedly" counterattack ", on the afternoon once again this morning is a." Property: security is in normal work subsequently, the reporter came to the old property office, only one staff on duty. Staff said that the property settled in February this year, the property is designated by the town government. Many owners in arrears of property charges, the total amount of up to one million yuan. Is the government appointed us to arrears is not clear, we go to the government has not issued documents, we will not quit." Reporters saw a letter in a lot of property outside the building, said many owners owe property costs. For more than 70 security guards "counterattack" area, the staff said it is normal on duty. living相关的主题文章: