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A drill dispatched two helicopters to rescue Shenyang for the first time in a domestic new large screen real-time playback of rescue drills. Zhang Ying photo Beijing, Shenyang, August 26, (Zhang Ying) Shenyang City, Northeast Pharmaceutical Factory has major hazardous chemicals leakage accident, highway pileup caused major traffic accidents, relevant departments of the Shenyang municipal government sent a rescue helicopter sent the wounded to hospital and out of danger. 26, two dangerous at the same time staged in Shenyang, which is China (Shenyang) aviation emergency rescue exercises simulated scenarios. The drill was held for the first time in Shenyang City air-ground emergency drills, a large multi unit participating with the exercise for the first time, is also the first time in a drill in dispatched two helicopters to rescue. At 9:58, Shenyang City Civil Air Defense Office command hall, commander of the order, the drill start on time, large screen real-time playback screen and rescue helicopter position. The picture shows that the Northeast Pharmaceutical Factory ammonia leak occurred, there were casualties of danger, 16 departments of the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shenyang City, 120 emergency center received a rescue request after an emergency response, rescue helicopter arrived at the scene the whole only 8 minutes. Another danger also happened in the Shenyang beltway, a series of accidents occurred, the risk of cerebral hemorrhage, the rescue helicopter rushed the injured to the roof of Sujiatun thrombus hospital rescue, the difficulty lies in the roof landing point is very narrow, landing requirements, experienced pilots successfully landed. 46 minutes later, the exercise was completed. Experts in the field of the demonstration exercise that this is an exciting international level exercise. According to reports, the exercise helps to explore the development of China’s civil aviation emergency rescue service standards in line with international standards, testing the effectiveness of civil aviation to participate in emergency rescue activities. (end)相关的主题文章: