A few seconds can be filled with graphene batteries will soon be commercially available

, a start-up company announced the discovery of a new method of graphene battery production, can effectively reduce costs.

  many people think that graphene will be the future of cell morphology, hexagonal honeycomb lattice plane material which constitutes a monolayer of carbon atoms as, with thin volume, high toughness, good thermal conductivity and electron mobility, compared to lithium ion is also more stable.

from a practical perspective, graphene can make mobile phone equipment lighter, more flexible and easily; also can be in a few minutes or even seconds of full power, fundamentally solve the electronic equipment issues of life, impact on various industries will also be huge.

, however, graphene has so far not mass production, which is why? In simple terms, the manufacturing process leads to higher costs. Because graphene needs to be stripped out of graphite, for most of the battery manufacturers do not have this technology, if you want to fully upgrade the production line, the price is huge.

, however, technology vendors are now actively seeking the best graphene battery production program, recently a start-up GO Leaf said they have found a new method.

this is the current GO Leaf team demonstrated graphene battery prototype, you can see the battery can work, after the positive and negative electrode can be connected to the LED lamp power supply. In addition, the battery does not need solar power, but can be achieved 24/7 self power generation.


future applications of graphene, changing human life      


GO Leaf team said that they have mastered the advanced carbon atom stripping method, but did not specify in the page. Obviously, a few blocks can drive LED lamp prototype battery does not explain what the problem is, GO and Leaf in all the chips on the site just to get more funds to provide funding for research and development, and no actual battery products to consumers, which can cause some worry.


of course, from the subjective consciousness, we hope that whether or start-up team of large technology companies, R & D can accelerate the graphene battery, especially the flexible LCD screen may appear in this year in more digital devices, graphene could be a key component of the.