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Dating How can you start a conversation with a woman you have never met before and make sure that it gives you the results that you want? Its a question that all of us grapple with and its a legitimate one you have never met this person, you have no idea what they like to talk about and yet you want to talk to them long enough to get them to agree to go on a date with you. There are some standard re.mended ways to start a conversation with a woman that increase your chances of success. But before you get talking, there are some things that you should make sure are in place. The first is confidence you want to look like you are sure of yourself because women prefer men who are. So work up your self-confidence and have a mental image of you going through with the meeting successfully. Next, be clean no one likes to talk to someone who looks slovenly and unkempt. Lastly, look happy grouches have a way of .plicating life and so are generally avoided, whether by men or by women. So lets now go through some conversation starters that you can use. You can ask for information. Directions are a great way to get a conversation going. Simply ask her where such and such a place is and how you can get there. Make sure you choose a place that will keep her talking for a few seconds. After she is done giving you the information, you can then ask her to lunch or coffee just to say thanks. You can ask for her opinion what do you think of this brand? Im a brand idiot, so I cant really tell whether it will kill me or work for me. You have asked for her to tell you what she thinks and you have used humor in there too. You are very likely to get started talking. Make sure you end up with her number so you can call her and ask her out. You can .pliment her, but make sure that its a genuine .pliment and that its delivered with admiration. If she has a regular hairdo, like a pony-tail, you wont convince her by telling her great things about her hair. You can choose something which will not be obvious to most people, like a chain or bracelet that she is wearing and tell her it looks great. She immediately feels that you have paid attention to her and will give you a few minutes of her time. You can ask for her help, but not in an extreme way. You can walk up to her with your hands full, for example, and pretend you want to pick something additional. Ask her to help hand it to you. If you choose this approach, it should be in the open so she can feel safe. You can also offer your help if you see a woman who needs it. All these are ways that you can start a great conversation. Stay casual and easy never force a woman to talk to you. Also, dont make her feel un.fortable by being too insistent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: