A menstruating woman of those things


women’s menstrual cycle is controlled by the brain: the ovaries in the absence of mature eggs before the pituitary gland began to direct the secretion of estrogen in the ovary, stimulate endometrial thickening. When a follicle in ovary mature egg follicle rupture and discharged after itself into corpus luteum, it secretes progesterone in endometrial thickening continued and hyperemia, waiting for the acceptance and nourish the fertilized eggs.

if the egg is not until her heart on the sperm, corpus luteum will gradually atrophy, the ovary can only secrete small amounts of estrogen and progesterone, endometrial can not maintain the status quo and spalling, blood mixed with broken mucosa by uterine cavity vaginal discharge, which is "the menstruation".

menstruation plays an important role in cleaning the endometrium.

most people’s menstrual cycle is "month", the menstrual cycle in 21 days to 35 days are considered normal, each menstrual duration in the 3 to 7 days is normal.

if you are careful enough, you will find you from the first period to now, every time interval period and duration are slowly change: the cycle is shorter and shorter, probably from the initial 28 days time into 27 days, 25 days; the duration is shorter, probably from the 7 day the first time into every 6 days, 5 days.

With the increase of age, the menstrual cycle and length of

will change gradually. Mainly because the first half of the menstrual period (follicular phase) 14 days with age will become at last about 10 days, then half period (luteal phase) of the thirteen day basically do not change.

many sisters are particularly concerned about the amount of menstruation, want to know whether they are "standard"". In fact, the amount of time in the calculation of the amount of medical methods are complex, it is necessary to collect all the sanitary napkins, and then dissolved into the water or some solvent, and then calculate its iron content, this method is very troublesome. Alternatively, if the female daily sanitary napkin soaked, is about twenty or thirty ml of blood, the doctor can make a score according to its wet area and the number of blood sticky degree, so to calculate the amount of about.

in general, the most concerned about is the excessive amount of menstruation, menstruation, dizziness, fatigue symptoms of anemia, which is usually excessive menstrual. At this time in the period before and after menstruation, check a hemoglobin, which can determine the amount of bleeding.

survey found that 90% of the sisters said there was blood clot. Don’t worry, if the menstrual blood out quickly out of worry, there will be blood, because the blood, blood coagulation to row out together, became our looks dark red blood. When menstrual reduction, Gore also disappeared. The blood is not what special ingredients, with blood, in addition to blood components is disintegrating endometrial debris and desquamation of the cervical mucus and vaginal will fall off;