A national network to help compass positioning accuracy of MM


foundation to enhance the Beidou system has been completed the first phase of the project construction; "a national network of" national "a platform" officially launched operation, including 150 frame network base station and 1269 regional encryption network base station, towards a global application. This is the reporter from the China North Industries Group Corporation 2017 annual meeting was informed of the work of 16.

foundation, a national network can assist the Beidou system actuarial position. Beidou ground ordnance industry group led enhanced system in 2016 officially launched operation, has the ability to provide real-time dynamic centimeter and millimeter level post processing and rapid positioning capacity in the country’s main economic region, high precision position cloud services platform "Chihiro cloud track" users exceeded 10 million, more than 300 million times the number of days to call the service.

is expected by the end of 2017, high-precision location-based service platform will reach tens of millions of users, call the service more than one billion times. Platform for mass market applications, to further improve the service level, high precision position meters centimeter and millimeter and fast positioning products, at the mobile phone, automobile, UAV, wearable devices and other terminal product applications, accelerate the development and provide O2O addressing, automatic driving, Lane level navigation, logistics monitoring, deformation monitoring, forestry cultivation and application service program; promoting the application of Beidou in smart city, intelligent management, lean manufacturing and other fields; will also promote international cooperation in the application of Beidou, become a "national name card".

2016, weapon industry group and Russia signed the Sino Russian satellite navigation chip joint design center memorandum of understanding, marking the overall progress of the global strategy of the compass. The right to host the Ordnance Group also received 4 national standards and 7 Beidou Beidou special standard.