A Ningbo woman holding a child standing elevated to light and suspicious about domestic violence coscoqd

A Ningbo woman holding a child standing elevated to light and the 11 point about domestic violence at noon yesterday, the fire department received a report, the Ningbo Yinzhou Lijia bridge near the village of airport viaduct, a young woman holding a child standing on the shelf Takahashi to commit suicide, the ancient forest, Yin Feng Road Fire squadron together to rescue. Firefighters said that when they arrived, the police and their families are persuaded women. Woman holding a child standing on the guardrail of the viaduct, about 4 meters away from the ground looks like, behind the rapid traffic, in order to prevent the woman accidentally dropped, firefighters immediately laid a life-saving cushion. Eventually, 2 firefighters to the rear of the elevated, while the woman did not pay attention to, a child will be pulled together with her. According to the reporter, the woman to commit suicide with the violence. Ningbo sent reporters contacted the woman’s cousin, Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang was on the spot, quite clear on the situation. According to Ms. Wang said, cousin, 26 years old, from Hunan, has a child, a child of the age of 5, holding a child in her arms just over the age of 1. Cousin has been separated from her husband for 3 months, because the man often hit her cousin. "Playing badly, even the wife’s mother called the police station several times." Ms. Wang said, the man does not work, every day is to play cards, cousin money should be handed over, "anyway, what had to listen to the man, sometimes a word not be beaten." Ms. Wang said, cousin want to divorce, the man also agreed, but proposed to her cousin ten yuan compensation. As for what is the name of money, Ms. Wang said he is not very clear. Yesterday, the man came to the door. The reason is that the cousin did not answer the phone, the man also hit, was stopped by the woman’s relatives. But he is still on the hot pursuit, the spur of the moment, the thought of suicide. Currently, the police have been involved in this matter.相关的主题文章: