A single woman inexplicable unbearable pain doctor advised get pregnant

A single woman inexplicable unbearable pain doctor advised: get pregnant

, who lives in Zhuzhou, Tianyuan District, the first two months of Ms. Wang feel inexplicable abdominal pain, and more and more serious. Recently, Ms. Wang came to Zhuzhou City Center Hospital, the doctor asked to find, Ms. Jin is always in the physiological period after the stomach pain. It turned out that she had a chocolate cyst. But the doctor’s advice but let Ms. king was shocked: hurry pregnant. What’s going on here?

, director of Gynecology, Central Hospital of Zhuzhou Wang Jinjin introduction, Ms. Jin was diagnosed as chocolate cyst, it is a kind of pathological changes of endometriosis after treatment, easy to relapse, either conservative treatment or drug treatment, the results are not ideal. Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical method of radical chocolate cyst after surgery, but is not because after the operation, Everything will be fine., the body will restore ovulation, play endocrine function, the remnants of the endometrium will start growth. So after surgery, you need to get pregnant as soon as possible, because at least one year after pregnancy can make these endometrial tissue due to the gradual decline of estrogen without being absorbed. Hear here, Ms. Kim "despair", because she is still single.

eventually, according to their own choice of surgical treatment. Director Wang introduced, the hospital will be through the laparoscopic resection of MS cyst, effective retention of fallopian tubes and ovaries, the operation is suitable for women with fertility requirements.