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Home-Improvement At the end of the first decade of the millennium, we are be.ing more aware of the necessity for sustainable and green building techniques, and there is no shortage of innovative concepts and designs. London is poised to be.e a leader in the field, with many new buildings either already .pleted or under construction that will utilize new features designed to lessen the carbon footprint while not forsaking aesthetic considerations. One of the most visible and striking examples of green building trends in London is the recently .pleted Strata Tower, a 480-foot apartment building that incorporates 3 wind turbines into its design, making it the first of its kind. Critics are divided in opinion over the building, with some hailing it as innovative while others have accused its builders of environmental tokenism and green-washing. Its detractors point out the fact that high-rise buildings are environmentally unsound by nature and that the Stratas green features do not sufficiently offset its inherent energy demands. Whether or not the Strata Towers design lives up to the hype is open to debate, but many builders are employing effective new concepts in smaller-scale buildings and the trends are beginning to catch on in the industry. At Ecobuild 2010, a yearly green building industry exposition, over 1000 exhibitors presented their designs to more than 40,000 visitors. The exhibition featured innovations in solar energy systems and zero-impact concepts, among other new technologies designed to lessen our dependence on fossil-fuel energy in the home and workplace. Though sustainable architecture is still in is fledgling state, it seems we have no choice but to develop further in the direction of low-impact building design. Many homeowners are already performing renovations with an eye towards increased energy efficiency and sustainability. Modern insulation and double-glazed windows are two of the most .mon and relatively inexpensive means of lowering the environmental costs of cooling and heating. More and more modern builders and domestic cleaning .panies are using green methods and materials on the job. If you are planning a renovation, find a reputable builder who is experienced in eco-friendly techniques so that you can save money and do your part for the environment in the long run. For green builders and after builders cleaning London has dozens of firms on listing all through the city. Be.e part of the green revolution with your home renovation project – it makes sound economic and environmental sense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: