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The symptoms of various failure of eyelid, repair methods and the best time for each Sohu health cosmetic surgeons, establishment of "failure of eyelid" this standard has not been a clear and standard argument, each doctor is vague and fuzzy. Usually, for a common beauty, the shape of the eye after the skin to make themselves and the people around looked uncomfortable, not good-looking, it was judged as "failure". To look at the "failure" standard from the perspective of the medical profession: 1 destroyed the normal function or operation of eyelid should obtain function, such as: eyes fatigue or weakness aggravating eyes. 2 destruction of the eyelid tissue structure left obvious signs of surgery, such as: scars, pits, folds, etc.. 3 obviously contrary to the law of natural double fold shape, such as double eyelid width, circular eyes made parallel type double fold, etc.. 4 is clearly contrary to common aesthetic rules, such as: two asymmetric, double fold lines become shallow, eyelid disappeared, beautiful or smooth curve. 5 did not play the proper aesthetic form (higher standards). The symptoms and causes of common failure of eyelid: 1, without shedding or embedding double eyelid, double eyelid; 2, cut or formed double eyelid liposuction, because too much to sunken eye wrinkle, the appearance of aging; 3, the eyelid is too wide, too narrow, too long, too short, bilateral asymmetry is due to both sides the design of suture asymmetry, surgery or not, levator muscle problems; 4, three eyelid formation, in the embedding method; over the incision orbicularis muscle to remove too much, resulting in the eyelid skin and deep tissue adhesions formed three eyelids; 5, beautiful appearance, with eye crack short form eyes wide, eyes turned round; incision of inferior eyelid resection is not bloated eye natural; eyelid shape and facial features are not coordinated; 6, eyes fatigue, patients with mild ptosis or levator muscle Weak; intraoperative incision deep injury of levator aponeurosis; early hypertrophic scar contracture can cause; 7, double fold lines disappear, because the double eyelid line design is too low the formation of pairs, pretarsal orbicularis muscle removal is not enough, prevent the skin and tarsal adhesion; no suture fixed on the tarsus aponeurosis; early adhesion stitches is not strong enough; 8, scar, infection of incision, incision margin irregular, on the poor, or the patient is scar constitution; 9, the double eyelid incision is too wide, sulcus eyelid orbicularis oculi muscle accumulation, eyelid groove thickness; 10, double eyelid incision is too wide, the number of times of repair. The conventional method of repair failure of eyelid: No1: bilateral asymmetry causes: 1 crossed when measurement is not accurate or not maintain a certain tension in the skin underline. 2 deviation from a predetermined line when cutting. 3 the amount of skin removed is inconsistent. Correction method: re positioning again for double eyelid surgery, generally by the narrow side of the double eyelid line as the standard, the excess skin and scar resection of the wide side of the. If one side is too narrow, the other side is basically normal, separation of adhesion between the skin and the tarsal narrow side of the lower edge of the skin incision, will improve.相关的主题文章: