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Business Agriculture is Nebraska"s foremost source of wealth. The said industry is not only considered as an economic backbone, but it is also regarded as the state"s primary source of livelihood providing food, raw materials, and employment opportunities to populations. In developing countries, the agriculture industry generates 29 percent of the nation"s GDP, as well as 65 percent of the labor force. The Most Sought-After Investment The Cornhusker State is home to hundreds of growers and ranchers utilizing more than 46.4 million acres (94 percent of total land area) of farmlands for crops and livestock production. As a matter of fact, FMC Corporation shows that Nebraska"s net average income for agriculture has reached $102.2 million or 0.74 per diluted share and agricultural products" revenues have increased by 20 percent ($492.4 million) during the fourth quarter of 2012. According to Greg Ibach, Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, communities that embrace agriculture, especially those with thriving livestock industries, will be the most vibrant, thus, Nebraska will continue to be a very strong agricultural state in the future. As the livestock industry continues to flourish, it would need more manpower and employees driving job opportunities for cultivators and ranchers in Nebraska. Thus, investing in farmland has become popular as prices surged in its highest level in 2011. Nebraska had the highest gains in irrigated and non-irrigated property values as it obtained an approximately 40 percent increase in cropland values. Over the years, agricultural investment has consistently delivered positive returns. In fact, legendary Wall Street trader and best-selling author, Jim Rogers explained that if someone wants to get rich, he/she should be investing in agricultural estates. Besides attractive risk features and significant export revenues, it also ensures capital gains due to the increasing global demand for agricultural commodities, ethanol, and bio fuels. Regardless if the investor is a retiree or a young professional, buying farmland in Nebraska is an opportunity to experience significant financial growth. Finding a trusted brokerage company, however, is equally important to ensure a rewarding investment. Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers, a proud member of Cabela"s Trophy properties, is providing excellent and quality services to agricultural buyers. It has a successful marketing program that guarantees utmost "exposure" of all available properties in the global real estate market. Moreover, it provides assistance in finding government programs to assist the needs of buyers for down payments, thus promoting good stewardship through reliable farmers. For more information about agricultural estate listings, visit http://www.lashleyland.com/. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: